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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Charles Krauthammer: "Smaller Government is Still Alive and Well": Limited Government vs Big Government vs Small Government

Charles Krauthammer is actually a Right Winger I respect and even kinda like, because he's actually a real Conservative. Not someone who constantly bashes Big Government but wants to tell Americans how to live their lives, he's not a Neoconservative but more like Barry Goldwater or Ronald Reagan. So when talks about Smaller Government, he's not talking about gutting or eliminating the Safety Net but reforming it to make it more effective and give people who depend on it, more freedom. And again he's not interested in telling people how to live our lives and calling for new Constitutional Amendments to do that, like some people in the Tea Party are now doing. But he's wrong about Wisconsin in this aspect, Governor Walker didn't win the recall because Wisconsin loves him or even likes him. Wisconsin Republicans lost the State Senate in that election. Governor Walker's Approval Rating is under 50%, Governor Walker won, because he didn't have a very good opponent in Wisconsin Mayor Tom Barrett, someone who can connect with Wisconsin Voters. They just dislike Mayor Barrett more then Governor Walker and Governor Walker wasn't elected to eliminate Labor Unions either.

As far as Big Government vs Small Government, I'm not a Progressive or a Libertarian or a Neoconservative. I don't believe in either, I'm a Liberal and I believe in Limited Government, which may sound similar as Small Government but is different. Small Government is a Libertarian notion, where you would eliminate most of the Federal Government, basically just keeping in place. Defense Foreign Affairs, Treasury and perhaps Commerce. The Federal Budget would probably be somewhere around 10% of GDP, today that would be like 1.6T$ or a 56.7% cut in the Federal Budget. My plan for Limited Government would make the Federal Government smaller then it is today but I would probably cut around 20-40% of the Federal Budget. And give the States and Non Profits in the Private Sector more responsibility in dealing with our problems in the country. Especially as they relate to the Safety Net but I wouldn't eliminate these programs just reform them.

Both the left and right have their own versions of Big Government but they just practice Big Government in different ways. And they are both about control, controlling how people live their lives, even though they would probably phrase it differently but with Progressives its about controlling peoples money. That they know how best to spend that money and that the country as a whole needs that money more then individuals themselves and with Neoconservatives. Its about controlling how people live their lives, outlawing activities that they don't like and eliminating a lot of privacy. Both wings have their Big Government addicts, they just practice their addiction in different ways.