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Thursday, June 7, 2012

Bill Clinton Apologizes Over Tax Remarks: Why President Clinton Should Take a Vacation

The whole issue of whether the Federal Government should extend the Bush Tax Cuts or not, will not happen until after the General Elections. And we know who will be in charge of the White House and Congress next year, neither side wants to deal with it in a way that will actually resolve the situation. Where both sides can actually agree on what the final plan will be, House Republicans of course are ready to extend all of the Bush Tax Cuts right now. But Senate Democrats and the President are not and would like to see them expire for the wealthy and President Clinton must understand this. So for him to go off message and to try to tell President Obama what to do in public, only makes the situation more difficult and costs him influence within the Democratic Leadership. President Clinton could be very helpful as far as raising money for the President and Congressional Democrats.

President Clinton is still pretty popular with the country, and could appeal to Independents its really just the Far Right who doesn't like him. As well as be an effective Attack Dog against Mitt Romney sorta the role he played in 2006, and helped Democrats win back Congress. President Clinton could be a very effective Democratic Player, as long as he doesn't say things, like Mitt Romney would make a good President. Or something to that effect, when he's so off message like that, he sounds more like and Independent Political Analyst, like David Gergen, who I do respect. Then someone who's playing the role of helping President Obama get reelected.