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Friday, May 4, 2012

"Who Should Control Medicare? 15 Washington Bureaucrats or 50M Feds": How about the People Instead

I actually agree with Rep. Paul Ryan on one thing, Bureaucrats shouldn't be controlling Medicare. But here is where the Representative and I may disagree. I don't want Public Bureaucrats or Private Bureaucrats controlling Medicare. I don't want Uncle Sam controlling Medicare or some HMO from a Private Insurance Company controlling Medicare. The people on Medicare, should be controlling their Medical Insurance, not some Bureaucrat. Looking to cut costs even at the patients expense and if anything. Is given incentive to cut financial costs in the Health Insurance. This is a big way how the Health Insurance Industry makes its money. These aren't the people you want controlling Medicare. Let the people control Medicare if they decide to take Medicare. But give them the option to decide for themselves, whether they are going to take Medicare or not. And let non Senior Citizens pay into Medicare and take it as their Health Insurance, if they decide to do so.

The future of Healthcare Reform in America, for Medicare and otherwise. Is through competition, let the people decide for themselves. Where they get their Health Insurance or let them decide to get a Health Savings Account. Or pay for their Healthcare out of pocket, as long as they pay for their share of their Healthcare Costs. And then whoever provides the best and most affordable service. Will be the ones who win out in this competition but the current Health Payment System does not work. Not enough people can afford to pay for their Healthcare. Too many people are getting "Free Healthcare" and we are not doing a very good job as a country. Taking care of ourselves, which just makes our Healthcare more expensive. So lets get Bureaucrats out of the way, both in the Public and Private Sectors.

Rep. Ryan makes some good points about Medicare but his solutions to both fixing. Both Medicare and our Health Payment System, just makes the problem worst. That would essentially put the Private Health Insurance Insurance Industry. In charge of our Health Payment System, even if people who are currently on Medicare. Want to continue to stay on Medicare. And thats not the direction we should be taking in Healthcare Reform.