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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Religious Leader: "President Obama's Gay Marriage Support a Slap in The Face of Religious Freedom": The Inconsistencies of Right Wingers on Limited Government and Republicanism

For the last few years we've been hearing the Right Wing complain about Big Government, that it gets in the way of Americans trying to live their own lives. Raise their kids etc, that Big Government is the problem and not the solution, yet when President Obama comes out in favor of Limited Government, that marriage is an issue for the States and not the Federal Government. They bash him over the head about it and call him Un American and Anti Religious Freedom and so fourth, because he believes the Federal Government shouldn't be involved in marriage. Shouldn't decide who can get married and who can't and so fourth, the States have always regulated marriage, this has always been seen a States Right, until Neoconservatives got involved and saw that States were doing things that they disapprove of. Now all the sudden they are standing up for Big Government, coming out of favor of Uncle Sam, to get involved in an area that the Federal Government hasn't traditionally been involved in. Right Wingers are also suppose to be slow to change, keep things as is, don't rock the boat, Status Quo and I promise I'm out of cluchet
, for now. But not on marriage because they see some States doing what they disapprove of.

Right Wingers have also been arguing for years, that America is a Republic and not a Democracy, that we don't decide everything based on Majority Rule, they are right about the last part. But when it comes to Same Sex Marriage, they say that a majority of people have voted against Same Sex Marriage, so overturning these votes, would be going against the will of the people. What happened to that we are a Republic and that we don't decide everything by Majority Rule, what if a majority decided, that minorities, women and homosexuals can't vote. How would they feel about that, we are a Republic and we have certain Constitutional Rights that can't simply be overturned by a simple majority. Actually we protect our Constitutional Rights so strongly, that we made it almost impossible to eliminate them. Thats what happens when you are a Constitutional Republic in a form of a Liberal Democracy.

If you believe in things like Limited Government, Individual Freedom all things that Americans tend to love and a big reason why so many immigrants have come to America. And continue to come to America, then you can't just speak in favor of them, when they benefit you politically. And you can't just speak in favor of them to support you're side of the isle and still have credibility on these issues. That you have to support them, even when you disagree with how people you disagree with, are executing their Constitutional Rights as well.