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Friday, May 25, 2012

New Regulations on Way for Halfway Houses: How to Transition from Life in Prison to Life on The Outside

Halfway Houses are generally for Non Violent Offenders, people who are Drug Offenders, shoplifters, White Collar criminals, that sort of thing. As they should be as far as Offenders who have committed crimes, where we wouldn't have to send them to jail or prison, because they could be rehabilitated in a Halfway House. Or they could be for Offenders who were convicted of crimes, where they don't represent a big enough threat to have to serve time in jail or prison. And we could save valuable space in prison or jail, for Offenders who have to be in prison or jail, because the threat they represent in society. The crimes they've committed mean they have to be in prison or jail, their crimes warrant that and they deserve to be locked up and their behavior needs to be corrected. Before they be in a Halfway House or back on the street. Halfway House are also for Offenders who have just been released from jail or prison and need an Adjustment Period. Before they are left to fend for themselves, they need help with additional counseling, they have to serve Community Service and need help finding a job as well and other things.

So Halfway Houses are a way to help transition Non Violent Offenders who don't need to be in jail or prison. People who jacked cars to use as an example, as well as for Offenders who were convicted of violent or non violent crimes and help them get themselves back on their feet. Help getting a job, as well as doing a job while they stay in a Halfway House to help pay their dues. But also help finding a job they could work at, for when they leave the Halfway House, as well as help finding housing for once they leave the Hallway House but also for things like setting up a Bank Account. Learning the skills that people need to have to be able to function on the outside and not have to return to committing crimes. And this is a Community Service that should be handled by Non Profits in the Private Sector but of course regulated by the Private Sector to prevent and punish abuses.

Halfway Houses are an investment upfront, to keep Offenders from having to go back to a life of crime. And help transition Offenders from Life in Incarceration, to life on the outside and as far as I'm concern. Is a Community Service that needs to handled by Non Profits in the Private Sector, not by government and is a Community Service, that could even be financed by the Offenders who stay there. By the work they do at the Halfway House and a job they get, working on the outside but while they are still staying at the Halfway House.