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Friday, May 18, 2012

Neoconservatives War on Freedom: What the Far Right doesn't like about America

I saw a couple blogs this week called the "Conservative War on Freedom", which is a borderline Oxymoron, which I'll get to later. In the Progressive Magazines Salon and the AlterNet, who have their own issues with Freedom, which is the subject of a different blog. What these bloggers don't understand, is well Conservatism, which is why they wrote blogs. Where the title of their blogs is a borderline Oxymoron. You can't be a Political Conservative and be Anti Freedom, that would like being a Violent Pacifist or a vegetarian who loves to eat meat. And eats it on a regular basis, I mean it doesn't work. Who are you trying to fool, if you are a Political Conservative, you believe in conserving Freedom, not subtracting it or limiting it. Where the War on Freedom comes from the Right Wing, it comes from Neoconservatives, people who still believe its the 1950s and haven't gotten past that decade. And can't believe how much America has changed and how different we are as a country and that we've become too free as a country. Minorities treated equally under law, women working on a regular basis, homosexuals out of the closet and getting married. We are more diverse racially and ethnically, Free Speech running rampant as they would see it, we are becoming more Liberal-Libertarian etc.

Neoconservatives are stuck in a decade that was over fifty years ago and believe that we are too free as a country. And with all of this Freedom, they've become threats to our National Security and National Morality and even things like US Constitution and Bill of Rights. Has become obstructions to our National Security and National Morality and that if we have to violate these things. To protect our National Security and Morality or we have to amend the US Constitution, to put new restrictions on our Freedom so be it. Which is why he now have the Patriot Act, which violates the Fourth Amendment, because it allows for the Federal Government. To essentially snoop Americans without Search Warrants. As well as things like Indefinite Detention, that allows for the Federal Government to hold Americans in Detention, indefinitely, without putting them under arrest or giving them a trial.

Its not Conservatives that have a problem with Freedom, its people farther to the right of them, Neoconservatives. Who believe Americans are too free and when they have too much Freedom, it threatens our National Security and Morality. And Americans might do something as horrible as watching Adult Entertainment in their own home. And that we have to clamp down on this Immoral Behavior, outlaw it even, for the good of the country