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Thursday, May 31, 2012

"A Libertarian View of Welfare": What Welfare Insurance Should be for

If Libertarians were in charged, we most likely wouldn't have any Safety Net in America, especially if they were in charge from day one. The only exception of that, would be if Gary Johnson were President, who's the 2012 Libertarian Presidential Nominee, has proposed to decentralize the Safety Net. Which is under his plan, Governor Johnson would transfer the Safety Net over to the States, for them to run. So we would still have Public Assistance in America, just not longer run by the Federal Government. Which is what I would do as well, as well as privatizing the Social Insurance Programs, not to convert them into For Profit Corporations but turn them into Community Services. To expand the Non Profit Sector in America to help and empower people for whatever reasons, who can't take care of themselves. This is one reason why I don't consider Gary Johnson a Libertarian but more of a Liberal Democrat but thats a different subject. In doing this, we would increase Private Charity in America, that would also get Public Funding, as well as be designed to help people who fall through the cracks, be able to help themselves.

But if Libertarians are in charge, they wouldn't even except that, you have Libertarians on one side, saying government should do practically nothing. And can't really point to any evidence of why this approach has worked and Progressives on another side saying, that government should be doing practically everything for people. But at least they can point to another place where a similar approach has worked, just not in this country but across the pond over in Europe. And Liberals such as myself and even Gary Johnson, is you want to call him a Liberal, as well as some Conservatives. Saying that government does have a role to play here, just not as a micromanager but more as a regulator and financier, to help people who are willing and can help themselves. That not getting a good education or not getting an enough of an education, is not an excuse for not working, that you have to be willing to do those things.

Its not a question of whether government should do nothing or everything when it comes to helping the poor. Government will always play some role here, as much as Libertarians may hate that, the question is what role should government be playing in helping people who fall through the cracks of the system. And if you are actually interested in reducing poverty in America, then you have to be willing to help people get themselves out of poverty. Not just sustain them while they continue to live in poverty.