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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Glen Beck with David Horowitz: Discuss Right Wingers using Saul Alinsky Tatics: Progressives in America

Representative Allen West made a statement about a month ago labeling the Congressional Progressive Caucus and its followers. "Communists", Right Wing author David Horowitz, who I agree with as often as I fly to Mars. Compared Progressives with people who want to run our lives. Essentially people who believe in the Nanny State, that its governments job to tell people how to live. He has a point there but I wouldn't call them Communists, there are Progressives. Who are pretty Statist, not just on Economic Policy. But are big believers in Political Correctness, thinks Hate Speech should be illegal, throw out the 2nd Amendment. Believe in things like mandatory Bike Helmet Laws, even for adults, as well as mandatory Seatbelt Laws. Even for adults and things like the "Fairness Doctrine, because they don't believe the people can tell the difference fact, fiction and commentary. And that gambling and even pornography should be illegal as well. And that pornography is sexist towards women and should be illegal. They believe in the Protective Class, that certain groups of Americans need to be protected by government. Not free to live their own lives.

The problem with David Horowitz's theory, is that he overgeneralizes. Not all Progressives are Statists or even Communists. There a some Progressive Statists and there are Progressive Libertarians and no thats not an Oxymoron. I know some Progressives that are against the War on Drugs, support the 2nd Amendment. Believe Hate Speech should be protected, gambling and pornography should be legal and even believe in Property Rights. Even believe in Capitalism but they would like to reform it. And they also believe in Universal Healthcare and Health Insurance provided by the Federal Government. As well as Universal Higher Education provided by the Federal Government and would like to double the size of the Federal Government. While cutting the military in half and have a Welfare State in America. Progressivism is part of Democratic Socialism, is a wide ranging and diverse Political Ideology.

The other thing that Mr. Horowitz got right about Progressives, is when he said they aren't Liberals. And as a Liberal I'm glad to hear that from a Right Winger. They usually lump us together. But Socialists, they are Democratic Socialists not Communists, even Progressive Statists. Believe in a certain level of Individual Liberty and Limited Government. But they do care about women, minorities, the poor, the country. Perhaps too much at times and put too much faith in the Federal Government to solve problems. Thats another thing that Horowitz gets wrong about Progressives.