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Monday, May 14, 2012

Smoked Video: Dick Cavett interview of William F. Buckley in 1995

Father Conservative?
Forget about today’s Republican Party, when you are thinking or talking about Conservatives or conservatism today. Because the Republican Party is no longer a Conservative Party and hasn’t been a Conservative Party in at least fifteen years. Even though there are still come Conservatives left in the Republican Party, but those numbers keep getting smaller. As Far-Right candidates continue to defeat Conservative Republicans in Republican primaries. Today’s Republican Party, might not even a, Republican Party, only a Republican Party in name only. As they continue to move farther to the right and try to combine religion into politics. What their version of what Christianity is and that’s your first clue into what today’s Republican Party is. And an example of why I could never be a Republican.

Today’s Republican Party, is a Religious and Neoconservative Party. They’ve become a statist and nationalist party to the point that the Republican alternative to frontrunner Mitt Romney, Rick Santorum, is in favor of constitutional amendments to ban same-sex marriage and pornography. To empower the Federal Government over the American people and States, to make these decisions for us. Something Bill Buckley would never support, who once described his politics as libertarian. Classical conservatism or conservative-libertarianism, which is exactly what conservatism is in a political sense, is about conserving individual freedom. Not subtracting from it, not passing constitutional amendments to weaken the U.S. Constitution. To give the Federal Government more power over its people, or to make America look like a theocracy. Or turn America into a theocracy. Conservatism is not stuck in the 1950s. Religious and Neoconservatives are stuck in that decade of the 1950s.

Neoconservatives, want to America back to the 1950s when it looked a lot different. The so-called Golden Age of the United States. When women weren’t expected to work, where the constitutional rights of minorities weren’t protected, etc. It’s progressivism that dominated American politics from the 1930’s to the 1970s. But that began to change, with Conservatives like Barry Goldwater, Ron Reagan and Bill Buckley came along. But Bill Buckley is really the father of classical conservatism in America. The person responsible for putting the movement on the map in American politics. Without the power of religious and Neoconservatives in the Republican Party today, Mitt Romney looks like a great presidential nominee for them. Because he’s a Conservative Republican, at least on paper. “Get Big Government out of our wallets and bedrooms.” As much as he tries to convince Big Government Republicans he’s one of them on some of the social issues, it’s the Bill Buckley’s of the world that put conservatism on the map. And religious and Neoconservatives, who are taking conservatism off the map in American politics. And Bill Buckley would probably be considered a Liberal by them today.