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Monday, May 7, 2012

"Corruption of the Republican Party": How They Select Presidential Nominees

If your somewhat ignorant about American Politics, you might believe that. The Republican Party selects its Presidential Nominees, by the Presidential Candidate. Who wins the most Delegates, not votes but Delegates which is different. Well thats how its suppose to be but generally they like to go with the Candidate with the hot hand so to speak. The guy always at least to this point, who had the 2nd best showing the last time around. When the GOP has lost the last Presidential Election, which is what happened in 2008. This is how Mitt Romney will be nominated this year, how John McCain was nominated in 2008. How Bob Dole was nominated in 1996, how Ron Reagan was nominated in 1980. Another way they select Presidential Candidates, is they go with the next guy in line. If the are the Ruling Party, meaning they control the Executive. If the President is up for reelection, they automatically go with him generally. So does the Democratic Party, if the President is finishing his 2nd term. They generally select the Vice President, which is what they did in 1988 with George H.W. Bush and 1960 with Richard Nixon. This year it would be Mitt Romney, as the next guy in line.

The Democratic Party works a little differently, the Establishment picks one Candidate. Like in 2008 with Hillary Clinton, the Democratic Base picks another Candidate. In 2008 it was Barack Obama and these two people generally fight it out. Unless they have the Presidency and if the President is in good shape, like in 1996 with Bill Clinton. They don't challenge the Leader but if the President is in bad shape for reelection. They challenge him like in 1980 when Ted Kennedy representing the Democratic Base. Took on President Carter, politics might be about leading at least on paper. But political parties see it as job one to get elected, even if that means nominating someone who wouldn't be their first choice. But someone they believe has the best shot at winning. And sometimes political parties get lucky. And nominate someone who they prefer and has the best shot at winning. Like in 1980 with Ron Reagan for the Republicans and 1992 with Bill Clinton for the Democrats.

Ideologically both Ron Paul and Mitt Romney are the closest Presidential Candidates. That the GOP has to Ron Reagan but the difference being that Paul. Doesn't kiss up to the Far Right in the GOP just to get their votes. Where Romney feels he needs the votes of everyone in the GOP. And for everyone to be happy, even if that means taking positions. He normally wouldn't take which is why he'll be the GOP Presidential Nominee.