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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Ashton B. Carter: "Pivoting U.S. Defense to Future Challenges and Opportunities": The United States Role in The World

As countries around the World are taking a look at Freedom, including in our own backyard in Venezuela. As well as in Arabia and the Slavic States as well, the United States needs to step up and play a role hear. And tell people who are fighting for their Freedom, that we are behind you and will support you as well. Not just after to take down whatever Authoritarian Regime that may be in power or us give nice words and speeches but with actions as well. Stand up for Freedom Fighters and actually give them the help that they need, to stand up for themselves. Not just tell Authoritarian Regimes that holding down you're people in unacceptable but showing them what the consequences of holding down the people and murdering them just for protesting. Not threaten them with words but respond to them with actions, when they are doing things to their own people, that are Undemocratic, as well as murdering their own people. America can't direct people to seek their own Freedom, which is what we tried to impose in Iraq, a country at the time before we invaded. Wasn't fighting for their own Freedom and wasn't even prepared to take on the Hussein Regime, we imposed that on them.

America can't make people want Democracy, we can't make people want anything but we can do assist those that have decided. That they've lived under Authoritarians long enough and "are mad as hell and aren't going to take it anymore" and we can assist them in achieving their own goals. In the case of Egypt they had a military that essentially refused to carry out the orders of a dictator, that wanted to see the Egyptian Opposition, essentially taken down. And the Mubarak Regime was essentially thrown out of power fairly peacefully, with help from the West with sanctions. Similar situation in Tunisia, but in Libya a different story where the military was prepared to defend the Kadaffi Regime and even murder their own people. Where the United States and European Union, as well as with some help from the Arab League. Stepped up and said that was unacceptable and protected the Libyan Rebels. Similar situation in Syria but where there's an unwillingness to help out the Syrian Rebels.

We can't do everything ourselves and aren't going to try to, at least with the Obama Administration. But we are still the Leader of the Free World, as much as President Obama may not want that title and as this Leader, we still have a major role to defend Freedom. When people who have been held down by their own government, want it bad enough, that they are even willing to die for it.