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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Arthur Brooks: True Fairness: You Accomplish That with and an Opportunity Society

A lot of Right Wingers and I guess Arthur Brooks would be one of them, who's a Conservative I actually respect. Because he's the real thing, not someone pretending to be a Conservative but who's too Statist to qualify as a Conservative. Like Rick Santorum, they have this idea that Barack Obama has this grand scheme, to transform the United States into the European Union. To make us the Socialist States of America or something but what they don't understand or won't acknowledge if they do understand is. That the reason that Progressive Democrats have fallen out of love with President Obama, is because he doesn't want to do that or doesn't believe in that at all. What personal differences that Barack Obama has with Bill Clinton and I don't know what exactly what they are. I believe they have a working relationship at best, politically they are very similar, neither man is interested in bringing back the New Deal or expanding it. Both Presidents believe in things like Welfare to Work and Unemployment to Work, that we don't expect people to stay unemployed indefinitely. That we expect then to prepare themselves to go back to work and not live off of Public Assistance indefinitely.

What Barack Obama and other Liberal Democrats want to do in America, is create what Bill Clinton ran for President on in 1992. And what Progressive Democrats seem to have no interest in because it would move us past the New Deal and Great Society. Create what's called an Opportunity Society, a term that Conservatives like to use today but its a concept. That Bill Clinton came up with in 1992, that we would empower all able body and mentally able Americans and this would start when they are kids. And would continue through college, an Education System, that would empower all Americans to get themselves the skills that they need. To have a good opportunity, as well as good opportunities, to be successful in life. To get a good job, earn a good living, own a nice home, put money away, plan their own retirement, take care of their own families etc. And not have to be dependent on Public Assistance.

Liberal Democrats want to create and Opportunity Society, where all Americans would have Equal Access to Equality of Opportunity. Not Equality of Result, where you put all of the National Resources into one pot, collected by the Federal Government. For them to give us back what they believe we need to survive, that Progressives tend to be in favor of. When Liberals talk about Economic Fairness, we are talking about an Opportunity Society. Which is a major Liberal Value, something that Right Wingers don't tend to understand.