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Monday, April 30, 2012

Prison Farming: Putting Minimum Security Inmates to Work for the State

Prisons are for to punish people who have broken the law and have hurt society. They are for criminals and lawbreakers, they are not for people who only hurt themselves if anyone. But thats a different topic and we punish convicts by take they're freedom away from. Ideally until they've not only have paid they're debt but also until they are ready to return to society. And are ready to become Productive Citizens and have given up they're Criminal Careers. The last part doesn't happen by accident or luck, for Inmates to become Productive Citizens. They first have to become Productive Inmates, realize they are there to serve they're time. And prepare themselves for life on the outside. That means realizing why they are in prison in the first place. Who they have hurt and take responsibility for they're actions. And then prepare themselves to serve they're time in a productive way. So if they get out of prison, they are no longer criminals. But people who earn and honest living, pay they're taxes and are no longer threats to society.

This is exactly what Minimum Security Inmates should be doing. Inmates that were sentenced to Minimum Security, because of the crime or crimes they've committed. People who aren't Violent Felons or Inmates who've been transfered to Medium or Minimum Security. Because they have good Prison Records, these people should've gotten they're education by now. Either before they started they're Prison Sentences or before they've reached Minimum Security. Finished High School and Higher Education, so by the time they're reached Minimum Security. They are ready to work and be productive for the prison. But also getting valuable Work Experience. So once they are released, they have the skills that they need. To get a good job on the outside and become Productive Citizens. But putting Prison Inmates to work, also helps cut our Prison Costs. Where the Inmates would be getting paid and contributing to they're Cost of Living.

If your running a rural prison, with access to Farm Land, you should be looking into Prison Farming. Which is what they are doing in Tennessee at Riverbend Prison. And what they've been doing Louisiana and Mississippi for hundred years or more. Where they can produce they're food for the prison but also sell they're food for the government to eat. Or even sell they're food on the Private Market and we would also be giving our Prison Inmates. Much need job skills and Work Experience.