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Friday, April 27, 2012

Pat Buchanan on Suicide of a Superpower: What can happen when Superpowers do too much

The Soviet Union is a perfect example of what can happen to a Superpower. When they try to do too much, the United States tried to spent the SU into oblivion. The United States with the largest economy in the World, had the resources to not only defend itself. But to defend our allies as well and have high Living Standards at home. The Soviet Union had basically Third World Living Standards with its State Ownership Economic System. Tried to establish a Communist State in Afghanistan and lost there. America had the resources to be a Superpower, Russia simply couldn't keep up with us. The United States since the start of the 21st Century, has been taking similar steps as the Soviet Union. Even though our economy has lost value and our Living Standards haven't kept up. We've been expanding our grasp and reach in the World trying to promote our form of government in countries simply not familiar with it. Like in Iraq and Afghanistan, we are no longer trying to be the Leader of the World or the Leader of the Free World. But trying to police the World as well.

I don't agree with Pat Buchanan on much but he's dead on when its comes to Foreign Policy. When he talks about America being overstretched and trying to do too much around the World. Not every country is going to be like America nor should it. What works in this country doesn't work in Arabia. We are different both politically or culturally. But what we can do is try to protect and defend and promote people who are fighting for freedom. Just not do it for them and try to enforce our form of Democracy on the rest of the World. Which is what we did with Libya and I hope what we do in Syria as well. Give them cover to do the work to knockout the Authoritarian Regime. But that they do the work themselves. American Foreign Policy should be about defending our National Interests, not trying to police the World.

Pat Buchanan is right in the sense that we are overcommitted in the World when it comes to Foreign Policy. We shouldn't be defending Developed Nations around the World that has the resources to defend themselves. Like Europe, Saudi Arabia, Japan and Korea and we should be focused on defending our own National Interests. And promoting freedom around the World but not trying to police the World which is different.