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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

"Why Nazism Was Socialism and Why Socialism Is Totalitarian": The Differences between Socialism and Authoritarianism

The fact is every country in the World including America has at least some degree of Socialism in it. Basically anything run by government to serve the people is Socialist. Fine I accept that, as someone who's not a fan of Socialism and sees taxes and government. As Necessary Evils to have a Civilized Society. And when I hear someone say they are completely Anti Socialist and want to eliminate all Socialism in the country. I have to believe they are anarchists people who believe we shouldn't have any government. Very similar to what America was before the Europeans can over. The question is how much Socialism should we have and to what degree, how much of our Economic Liberty are we willing to have taken from us. To fund government to serve us and what government should be doing for us. That it does well, does better and can only do what the Private Sector can't do. I don't see Socialism as evil Authoritarian depending on how much Socialism you have. Do you let the government run everything in society without any Property Rights. Or do you have both a large Private Sector and Welfare State funded through high Tax Rates. And I would argue that we want Government and Socialism to be very limited to only do the things that the people can't do for themselves. Or can't do as well and for me that means National Security, Law Enforcement, Foreign Policy and Regulation of the Economy. As well as the currency, I don't even want government running the Safety Net in the country. That should be left for the Private Sector to be run as Non Profit Community Services.

Authoritarianism is really to me what a bad, evil even depending on who the Leaders are, Political Ideology. And when I think of the worst Authoritarian Leaders in the World and in the past. I think of Adolph Hitler, Germany, Joe Stalin Russia, Slobodon Milosevic Serbia, Saddam Hussein Iraq. And of course there are several others but these Leaders were definitely evil so Anti Opposition. That they would kill people for Publicly Disagreeing with them or trying to escape the country. Imagine trying to escape your own country where your from and grew up, where people of your own culture and ethnicity live and everything else. But none of these people are Pure Socialists because Socialists believe in Big Government on Economic Policy. But tend to be pretty Liberal or Libertarian even on Social Issues, yes there's even a term Socialist Libertarian. Author Noam Chomsky would qualify as one of those people, so to compare Socialism with Naziism. Naziism being one of the most if not most evil Political Ideologies we've ever had in the World. That would murder people just because they were of another race or ethnicity or both and weren't german. Is going way too far Nazis are Socialist on Economic Policy but not on Social Issues. They are racist and Authoritarian on Social Issues.

Socialism is Authoritarian in the economic sense because it limits peoples Economic Liberty. And the more of it, the less Economic Liberty people have because the more of it. The more dependent on government especially the Central Government people are in taking care of themselves. But Socialism in its purist democratic form and Britain and Sweden are perfect examples of that. With again large both Private and Public Sectors but with a lot of Social Liberty in that country. And something I believe America should look at when it comes to Social Liberty. While we still keep our Economic Liberty but Socialism is not evil.