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Friday, January 6, 2012

"When You Learn, You Don't Return": The Role of Medium Security Prisons

Maximum Security Prisons are for our Violent Offenders, our murderers, terrorists, arsonists, batters, rapists etc. Medium Security Prisons are for our thieves, Non Armed Robbers, Shop Lifters. Perhaps even White Collar Offenders. These are Offenders we really should be trying to work with to get them to improve themselves. Because most of these people get out of Prison and we would be better off economically and everything else. If they don't come back to prison by giving up their Criminal Careers and instead become Productive Citizens. People who go to work everyday and pay taxes and don't commit crimes. First of all it benefits them and their families and potential Future Victims . Because we would be left with less criminals in the future but more importantly it would benefit society as a whole. Again less criminals on the street, in exchange for more Productive Workers with skills to get good jobs. But we would also be left with less Prison Inmates, which would be better for us economically and fiscally. Less need to build more Prisons. And Medium Security Prisons doesn't present and opportunity to go "Soft on Crime". I'm not talking about that here and anyone who is, doesn't know what they are talking about. They need to know why they are in Prison. There's a price to pay for harming society and having victims and so fourth. But here's an opportunity to turn these Non Violent Offenders around, so when they leave Prison. So they don't come back.

So what I would do with Medium Security Offenders, Offenders who are sentenced there as well as being promoted there. From Maximum Security or demoted from Minimum Security. Is get them in school, the Offenders who haven't finished college or haven't gone to college. Put them in College and Vocational Schools in Prison. So they can learn a trade and get a good job in Prison, that they would get paid to do based on the job they do. Take the jobs that would've been contracted out to the Private Sector for the Prison. But also other Government Institutions. And give those jobs to the Prison Inmates, things like Auto Repair, Wood Shop, Mess Hall, construction and other fields. Do the work that it takes to run the Prisons but also do other work. That they can market out of the Prisons and sell what they produce to Government Agency's but also the Private Sector. Get our Prison Inmates the skills that they need, the Inmates who've earned this right. Based on their Prison Records, the opportunity to get a good education and good job in Prison. So they can also pay for their Living Expenses. But also so they can transfer those skills and Work Experience that they picked up in Prison. On the outside once they are released from Prison.

Medium Security Prisons are for High School Dropouts basically who dropped out to earn fast money. Shoplifting and other robberies but who aren't violent generally. But represent a big enough threat to our economy that they are in Prison. These are people that we can work with, so they can turn their lives around. Become Productive Citizens and not have to come back to Prison in the future.