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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Rep. Michelle Bachmann: Dropping out of Presidential Race: Her Light Finally went on

When I think of the strangest and nuttiest Political Candidates, people that can do the work of comedians and bloggers. As far as giving them material to write, so they don't actually don't have to do the work themselves. People that can right books on how not to run a Political Campaign, based on their own Personal Experiences. There are several, the guy who ran for Governor in New York in 2010 against Andrew Cuomo. You know what's his name that guy the guy who's family secretly voted for Cuomo. While they were trying to give their father and husband, brother etc the professional help he obviously needed. I can't think of his name right now but what was the New York GOP thinking. They still control the State Senate there and just voted to Legalize Same Sex Marriage last year. The NY GOP can't be that crazy but they did nominate Mr. What's His Name. If you know his name feel free to send it to me, I believe he brought a Hand Gun to one of his Public Events. He did a lot of strange things like that, hopefully he's in a Mental Hospital right now. And they are making room for Michelle Bachmann. Who'll have some more Free Time since she dropped out of the GOP Presidential Race. Only managing to get 5% in the State she's from. Michelle Bachmann is a Native Iowan, just listen to her accent, she literally lives across the border in Minnesota.

Michelle Bachmann lives within a few miles of the Minnesota-Iowa Border. She can literally say she understands Iowa because she can see it from her backyard. So they know her and decided they don't like her by 95%. Sarah Palin every comedians favorite Politician or Ex Politician, I don't see her running for anything ever again. Too bad for comedians and Political Pundits, great for anyone else who's alive and breathing. The Politician who coined the phrase, "I have Foreign Policy Experience, because I can see Russia from my backyard". Sarah Palin is my favorite Politician to make fun of, Public Figure actually. George W. Bush being a close second but he's keeping quiet so I'll let him sleep. But also one of my favorite Politicians to make fun of, someone who can't even get elected Statewide in her own State. For Senator, Governor or anything else, because Minnesota has a Sanity Clause. You have to fill out in order to run for State Office there, is US Rep. Michelle Bachmann. Formerly a Presidential Candidate who managed just 5% of the vote in her birthplace Iowa. Rick Perry a Texan got twice as many votes as Rep. Bachmann. Ron Paul another Texan got four times as many votes. Her light finally went on and there was finally someone home and she saw it and dropped out.

Michelle Bachmann is someone who represents what can happen when a Political Party lacks the strength and Leadership that it needs. To tell its people, look we are only looking for serious Political Candidates here. Fringe Candidates should stay home and continue to fight the fight so to speak. Perhaps grow up and get professional help but running for President of the United States. Is the Big Leagues we don't accept wannabes here. So bye bye Michelle Bachmann, back to the Mental Hospital better known as the US House of Representatives you go.