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Thursday, January 5, 2012

Lockdown: Maximum Security: A Necessary Evil but at what price

The fact is we need Maximum Security Prisons in America, we have so many Prison Inmates that can't only be handled under those conditions. For lots of reasons that we can prevent in the future as far as future Prison Inmates. But the fact is we have to deal with our current Prison Population
as they are. Not say that they had a rough childhood or whatever and they should be left off the hook with probation or something else. We have to have Prisons for Dangerous Offenders and we need Maximum Security Prisons. For our most Dangerous Offenders, people who don't manage their anger very well. One of the main reasons why they are in Maximum Security Prison to begin with. And we have to make their Prison Sentences pretty tough based on why they are there and how they conduct themselves in Prison . So we can control them to the point and thats a main function of Prisons, to control the Prison Population to the point. To make it as safe as possible for the people who live and work there. But also so Prison Inmates can't escape Prison and once again become a threat on the outside. Slapping batterers, rapists, Gang Bangers, terrorists on the hand with probation or something. And hoping they don't do it again, doesn't accomplish anything. But gives them a Golden Opportunity to commit another crime, because they still have the mindset that got them to prison in the first place.

Thats the tough approach, while they are there in the first place and society is going to do. To prevent them from getting out of hand and what you do when they get out of hand. But we also need a Tough Love approach, because most of the people or at least a lot of them. End up back on the streets, so knowing this reality we should empower our Prison Population to improve themselves. So they can make their Prison Sentence as positive as possible, so it can benefit them. So they don't leave Prison angry but not wanting to come back either but leave Prison. Knowing they have a shot at making in life on the outside while giving up their Criminal Careers. When it comes to Maximum Security Inmates, I start with the Lockdown Inmates. People in Solitary Confinement 23 hours a day, give them a chance to get themselves out of that environment. By them improving themselves, with things like Reading Material, Counseling, more food. A few more hours out of their cells as their behavior improves. Let them even have visitors and after they get promoted out of Solitary Confinement and into school and Job Training. If they haven't completed that yet and then to work at Maximum Security doing the jobs that are needed to keep the prison running. Instead of contracting them out, pay them and then have them pay for their Living Expenses.

What we need to do with Maximum Security Inmates is to deal with their behavior, punish them when they are bad. But empower them to improve themselves so they don't make the same mistakes in the future. So they can get an education and Job Training be put to work, so they can pay for their Living Expenses. But also so they can get promoted to a lower Security Level, like Minimum Security Prison. Where they would have better opportunities for vocation and work and turn their lives around.