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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Libya ponders Sharia law: Another Islamic Theocracy or more Moderate?

With todays announcement by the Libyan Transitional National Council that they are adopting Sharia Law. And going to use Sharia Law to influence how they write Libya's National Constitution. Looks bad from my perspective and looks like they may be on the road to Islamic Theocracy. Where Racial and Ethnic Minorities and Libya is a fairly diverse country made up of mostly arabs. But a diverse group of arabs and they also have an African Minority as well. And there been reports of African Libyans being Racially Clense. As well as women are essentially treated like garbage with strict conditions. On what they can do and how they live and when it comes to women, on things like how they can dress. And can they even go to school and get educated or not and this is not the direction that Libya should be headed in. Thats what happened in Afghanistan pre Afghan War that started in 2001, where people were literally murdered for things like adultery. Under the Taliban Regime and this not the direction Libya should be going in. They have so much more potential and can be so much better then that. And this is what exactly Iraq was able to avoid another country with a lot of potential. When they formed their new government and Constitution.

Iraq is now basically a Federal Democratic Republic post Saddam Hussein. Islam I believe is the Official Religion there but thats more of a recognition of how important Islam is considered to the Iraqi People. The Koran is not the Constitution of Iraq, their Governmental System is secular. Pakistan is officially called the Islamic Republic or State of Pakistan but they operate as a Constitutional Federal Republic. Which Separation of Powers and a Constitution and Pakistan is a huge Democracy of around 170M people. With a lot of potential to develop and currently has one of the fastest growing economy's in Asia as well as in the World. Turkey another overwhelmingly Muslim Country but its called the Republic of Turkey, a Parliamentary Democracy. And they are a large country of over 70M people similar to Iran, with a lot of potential to develop. And they have one of the fastest growing economy's in the Middle East as well as the World as well. This is the the direction that Libya should be looking at, Islam and Religion in general sure but don't use it to hold your people down. And the potential of this large country down, that only has 6M people but with a lot of potential to grow as a country.

What Libya should be looking at is a government thats Evidence Based that looks to do what's best for the entire country and to move it forward. Not things that could divide the country and potentially start new Civil Wars down the road, which is what happened in Afghanistan and may happen in Iran as well.

Click on the link of the blog to see a video about Libya adapting Sharia Law

FOX News: GOP Presidential Debate- U.S. Representative Michele Bachmann: "Separation of Church & State is a Myth"

Source: FOX News- U.S. Representative Michele Bachmann, R, Minnesota-
Source: FOX News: GOP Presidential Debate- U.S. Representative Michele Bachmann: "Separation of Church & State is a Myth"

When Representative Ron Paul, or Gary Johnson or Senator Mike Lee, say and of course former President Ronald Reagan and former Senator Barry Goldwater, these are all Republicans by the way, say they are anti-big government, I believe them and so should you. Because the know what individual liberty is all about. The liberty for free people to live their own individual lives, as long as they are not hurting anyone else with their liberty. It's really simple, if people want to engage in activities that are unhealthy for them, that's their right. Watch bad movies, that's their right, even things like cheating on your spouse, or if you're Mormon, spouses. Sorry bad joke, (but at least I liked it) because they know of course adultery is where you're hurting someone. But they are smart enough to understand that the criminal justice system is not the right venue for this kind of thing. And that these matters can be handled in civil court. They also understand that individual liberty is more than just about economic liberty, or religious liberty for Protestants, or the right to protest against things that right-wingers are against. That it's also about social liberty as well, the liberty for free people to live their own lives. Again as long as they are not hurting anyone else with their liberty in a criminal way. And things that qualify as criminal activity are pretty obvious.

Every time I hear Representative Michele Bachmann or Senator Jim Dimint complain about the overreach of big government, or here them speak in favor of states rights, I gotta laugh. Because either they are lying, or they don't know what they are talking about, or don't completely understand what they are talking about. Which is pretty sad considering they are both Members of Congress and pretty influential Members of Congress, at least in the Republican Party. Because what they are talking about is big government as it relates to the economy. Complaining about overspending, taxes and regulations on the private sector. They are not talking about big government as it relates to sexuality. Where they both support a constitutional amendment to outlaw gay marriage and abortion. Representative Bachmann and I believe Senator  Dimint both support outlawing pornography. In 2010 Senator Dimint came out in favor of outlawing adultery and making it a Federal offense. What happened to individual liberty, or States Rights. There, thats an example of what big government looks like.

When it comes to individual liberty, as long as you're doing what the Christian-Right and Neoconservatives approve of, you're OK. But when you don't, even if you're not hurting anyone with what you're doing, you got a major problem and could be found libel for a criminal offense. That's not Barry Goldwater's, Ron Reagan's, Ron Paul's, Gary Johnson's, Mike Lee's and others definition of individual liberty. When someone tells you they are against big government, why don't you see if they understand what they are talking about. Because you may be surprised in what you find out.

It would a dereliction of duty if I didn't comment on what Representative Bachmann said calling Separation of Church and State a myth. Again we're talking about a lawyer here who doesn't understand the First Amendment. Perhaps it didn't exist when she was in law school and she's come back in another life. Or they didn't teach her about the First Amendment in law school. But, "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof." The two parts known as the establishment clause and free exercise clause. But at least she's qualified to run for President, even if she's not qualified for the job itself.