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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The Grand Ole Party or Grand Old Party: The Future of the Republican Party

The Republican Party was as its height of power from 1953-93, when they won 7-11 Presidential Elections and were competitive in Congress. And even Congress for two years from 1953-55 and held the Senate a total of eight years from 1953-55 and 1981- 87. Some might say the height of the Republican Party was from 1953-2007, 9-15 Presidential Elections and held Congress for fourteen years and the Senate for eighteen years. But I believe the Republican Party started to decline post Reagan in 1989 and I'll explain that later. Even though they controlled the House from 1995-2007, the Senate from 1995-2001 and 2003 to 2007 and the White House from 2001-2009. Because the base of the Republican Party are Anglo Saxon Protestant Rural Male Voters. And the Democratic Party essentially owns most of the Racial Minority Groups and the non Protestant Christian Groups. Also the three largest or 3-4 largest European Ethnic Groups in America, german, irish and italian tend to be democratic as well. The Democratic Party tends to believe in the Big Tent Theory, that if you include as many groups as possible in your party. But you share a common Political Ideology or political goals and you believe in progress, that gives democrats the best chance to be competitive across the country. And with the current Republican Base actually shrinking, for them to be competitive in the future. They are going to have to reach out to Ethnic and Racial Minorities, two groups that currently vote overwhelmingly democratic right now. And they can do that I believe if they go back to the future so to speak, because Asian African and Latin Americans tend to be Pro Business and Free Enterprise which has been republicans dominant message since the 1930s and 40s. This can be done if they were to drop this Social Conservative message that they've been on for the past twenty years or so. And trying to use government to tell people how to live their lives. And actually start welcoming new people to their party instead of telling them they are un american.

The Republican Party used to be a party that was about Classical Conservatism, protecting Constitutional Rights and Individual Liberty. Instead of trying to use government to tell people how to live their lives and trying to criminalize things that they don't like just because they don't personally don't like them. And a real Free Enterprise party that was against things like Corporate Welfare and Cowboy Economics. This is the politics that brought them back into power in the 1950s and where they stayed in power from 1953-93, except for 61-69 and 77-81. This was when the Republican Party was the Grand Ole Party but the track they are headed down now is becoming the Grand Old Party . With a base that is dying off if they don't expand it.

Click on the link of the blog to see a video about the History of the Republican Party from the Hoover Institution

The Conservative Will: President Ronald Reagan on Taxes in 1986: A Good Case For Tax Reform

Tax Reformer?
A Liberal Democrat could’ve basically given the same speech on tax reform that Ron Reagan a Conservative Republican gave. I mean Jack Kennedy could’ve given the same speech that President Reagan gave, or it would’ve sounded very similar. And he probably gave a similar speech when he pushed for deep tax cuts in the early 1960s. The American tax system is so complicated that accountants hire other accountants to fill out their Federal taxes and tax lawyers hire other tax lawyers to come up with tax loopholes for them. These might sound like jokes, but they’re not far off.

The Federal Government has gotten to the point and this has gone on for at least thirty years if not longer, that if they want Americans to do something that they believe in their “brilliant wisdom”, is in the best interest for the country, they write a tax credit to encourage people to do it. Whether its education for their kids, or giving to charity, or planning for their own retirement. And there’s a lot more and it’s not that these causes aren’t worthwhile, because a lot of them are. But they all get written in the tax code, that’s gotten so big, that you now have to be a super weightlifter in order to pick the damn thing up and walk around with it. Actually a lot football players now stay in shape by power-lifting the tax code.

Insomniacs now read the tax code night after night and I should know I’m one of them. It helps them go to sleep and plus reading that book, you never run out of reading material. Because Congress writes a new tax law almost every day. It’s basically the only thing the Senate does now a days besides general speeches. Thats another place that insomniacs go to when they need to get some sleep, the Senate to listen to hours of general speeches. I almost feel sorry for the Senate typist who has to write all these speeches down hours and hours of them. The tax code is so big now, that you need a pickup truck or a minivan, without seats to move it around. It is something like 70,000 pages the population of Wilmington, Delaware and don’t ask me how I know that. In summary too much free time.

To be totally serious for a minute, (like totally!) or as serious as I can be and this should only take about a minute and if I run out of time, I’ll ask a Senator to yield to me, the Senator could probably use some water, or catch their breath and now I’ll be serious for real. What we should do instead is throw out the current tax code. If we can find a trash dump big enough to carry it and will take it and reform our Tax Code. Move to a tax system that lowers the rates and broadens the base and doesn’t raise taxes on anyone who can’t afford to pay more. And doesn’t raise taxes enough to discourage wealth creation. Lower rates on most, individuals and business’s, but throw out all the tax loopholes, or most of them. And give people more freedom to spend their own money that they worked for the way they want to. Instead of Uncle Sam (who’s no ones favorite uncle unless you’re a Socialist) telling us how to spend our own money that we made on our own.