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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Sen. Tom Coburn sits down with The Daily Caller: A Real Fiscal Conservative

If it were to somehow start snowing in hell with a blizzard and everything and Ron Paul were to win the Republican Nomination for President. Meaning Religious and Neoconservatives were basically to get out of the way and allow that to happen. The two main obstacles preventing Rep. Paul from winning the Republican Nomination. Then Sen. Tom Coburn who he and Rep. Paul obviously don't agree on all the Social Issues. But they agree enough especially on Economic and perhaps even Foreign Policy and National Security. For Paul to select Coburn as his Vice Presidential Nominee, I believe Obama-Biden would beat that ticket. The Republican Party would have an excellent ticket that could bring in Independent Voters and even Democratic Voters. Especially Young Democrats to tend to be Liberal to Libertarian such as myself. And doesn't like where the Obama Administration is going with the War on Terror. With the Patriot Act and Indefinite Detention, as well as the War on Drugs and doesn't like where the country is going on Fiscal Policy. And would like to see a ticket take these issues more seriously and not take some of our Individual Liberty away from us. And a Paul-Coburn Ticket would go along way to focusing Independent Voters, as well as liberals, libertarians and Classical Conservatives. Sen. Coburn represents where the Republican Party used to be on Fiscal Policy and truly believing in Fiscal Responsibility.

Sen. Coburn believes that everything needs to be on the table when it comes to Deficit Reduction and looking for ways to reform and look for savings. Ron Paul and Tom Coburn represent exactly what the Republican Establishment is scared to death of. Two Members of Congress that are Anti Establishment and willing to take on everyone. Including people in their own party when they believe they are wrong. Sen. Coburn reminds me of Sen. John McCain from 5, 6 10 years ago. When Sen. McCain was the Head of the "Straight Talk Express" and Sen Coburn has taken that to the next level. Especially on Deficit Reduction where he says everything should be on the table. Including Defense Spending, Entitlements and even Tax Hikes on High Earners. He doesn't want to raise taxes on anyone but is willing to do that to get our National Debt and Deficit under control. And I don't agree with him on everything but he has a lot of ideas that are worth considering. And had the Republican Party had more Tom Coburn's in Congress back during the Bush Administration. They would have a lot of credibility when it comes to Deficit Reduction today.

I'm a Liberal Democrat so clearly there are some areas where I disagree with Ron Paul and Tom Coburn. But some of the Senate Republicans I respect the most and respect several of them. Even though we don't agree very often, are some of their Junior Senators. Like Sen. Coburn, Sen. Rand Paul the son of Rep. Ron Paul, Sen. Mike Lee and Sen. Ron Johnson. And again if the Republican Party had more Members of Congress like this back during the Bush Administration. They would have a lot more credibility on Deficit Reduction because these Senators wouldn't of voted against the Borrow and Spending of those Republican Congress's and the Bush Administration.