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Friday, December 2, 2011

Sen. Harkin: "No Christmas for Congress without an Unemployment Insurance Extension": Playing Hardball

I believe I've figured out where the House Republicans are taking their Holiday Vacation. They are all headed for Las Vegas and doing some gambling together and are practicing their gaming skills in Washington first. The Party of no New Taxes, is going to gamble on looking like Tax Hikers on the Middle Class. By putting an Extension of the Payroll Tax Cut at risk, 1000$ Tax Hike for someone making 50K$ a year. Because they believe its too expensive, that the Federal Government can't afford it. Even though they've been arguing for thirty years or more, that its not governments money to begin with. I agree with them its the peoples money that they take to fund government, so why are they going to take more money from us. Have they been reading Carl Marx and have gotten socialism in their blood now. They've also been making the case that Tax Cuts pay for themselves. That we don't need to cut government to fund them, so why are they saying we now have to make more Budget Cuts. To pay for an Extension of the Payroll Tax Cut which is of course a Tax Cut, Payroll Tax Cut being a pretty big clue there. The other gamble that House Republicans are making is looking like they care more about people. Who are millionaires then they do people who can't find a job right now. And are risking letting the Extension of Unemployment Insurance expire as well. Which is one reason why I believe the Federal Government shouldn't be running Unemployment Insurance. And let the States and Non Profit Community Services run it instead. So neither party in Congress would be able to mess with it.

The other gamble the the House GOP Leadership is making and they are getting plenty of help. From their allies in the Senate, even though the Senate GOP Leadership has played more of an obstructionist role. Because they are still in the minority, is now that they are seeing signs of improvement in the economy. Lets not do anything that can pass Congress and get signed by the President that will help the economy. Lets block what we don't like in the Senate and not take it up in the House and instead pass what we want. Knowing that Senate Leader Reid will block it, so we can at least say we are for something. They believe their Path back to Absolute Power, White House, House and Senate, is for the economy to be as weak as possible. To get as many republicans elected in 2012 as possible, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell said as much. When Barack Obama became President that his number one goal was to see that President Obama is a one term President. And he would use whatever power he has in his office to see that happen. So the GOP Strategy is pretty clear right now, make Washington look as incompetent as possible. Believing that the voters will take their anger out on the Democratic Party because there's a Democratic President. To elect as many republicans as possible.

The Republican Party is making a very risky gamble right now, they are not a lock on winning the White House back. Especially since they are headed for very divisive Primary Campaigns in the Winter. They are not a lock at retaining control of the House next year, with 60 plus Freshmen Republicans up for reelection. Thanks to the Tea Party and they are not even a lock to take control of the Senate as well. Senate Democratic Fundraising is up and they are beating the Senate GOP right now, Democratic Incumbents are going to be well funded in 2012. And President Obama will probably help them with that even more, especially with an improving economy. Which means his own Approval Rating will go up as well, risky bet by the GOP and lets see how long they keep it.