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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Rep. Shelia Jackson Lee: "Occupy 'Pushing Fairness, Justice, Equality: The Impact of OWS

What Occupy Wall Street has done has stepped up and put on the table what a Consensus of Americans now believe. That Corporate Executives making money by abusing others, running their company's into the ground. And the walking away with huge bonus's after laying off a lot of their workers. They have spoken out for a lot of americans that are out of work because of the "Great Recession" and the collapse of Wall Street in 2008. Where over three years later no one has been prosecuted for as well. Where OWS is not speaking for the country and quite frankly just speaking for their faction in the country. And not even speaking for an entire party, at least not a major Political Party. Is what to do instead how do we get out of the "Great Recession" and get the country moving again. They are speaking for a faction in the Democratic Party the Progressive Caucus in the House. But they only have fifty or so seats, they are not even a majority of the Democratic Party thats in the minority. President Obama the last week or so has spoken to the movement in the last week or so. But doesn't back their agenda at least as a whole or even many parts of it. So OWS contribution has been to waken up a lot of americans at the abuses of Wall Street and that America needs to move forward. But the country is not behind a lot of the Policy Positions that OWS or the Progressive Caucus have taken. Which has left OWS basically without a party and only some space in the Democratic Party. But they don't have enough members to pass their agenda.

America does not want to see the Federal Government that already has a budget of 3.7T$ to raise another 1T$. When we already have a National Debt and Deficit of 15T and 1.8T$ respectfully. To spend on new Federal Programs, they want to see americans put back to work in the Private Sector. Sure see funding to prevent layoffs in educators, Law Enforcement, Firefighters and other people. But Government Workers aren't the only people that have been laid off. And at least not yet anyway, that could change if the Progressive Caucus ever got their way. Aren't the only jobs in the economy, the Construction, Auto and Manufacturing Industries have all suffered as a result of the "Great Recession" which is why President Obama proposed to Congress the American Jobs Act in September. To encourage more Consumer Spending in the Private Sector to generate more Economic Growth. To lead to more Private Sector Job Growth. And the last month or so we are starting to see some of that with an Unemployment Rate now down to 8.6$. After a Jobs Report of 150K that were created in November, Government Jobs were lost. So more funding for Public Sector Workers at the State and Local Governments would make sense. But that can't be an entire Economic Policy.

President Carter always had a great ability as President to analyze what a problem and situation exactly for what it was. He's easily one of the most intelligent Presidents we've ever had to go along with Bill Clinton, Dick Nixon and others. But what President Carter wasn't very good at, was figuring where to go from there. What are the solutions to the problem and then bring the country behind him. Only Energy and the Middle East Peace Process, did he seem to have an idea of how to bring different sides together. And thats where I put OWS, they've laid out the problems but don't have a consensus to put their agenda through.