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Friday, December 23, 2011

Record 46.3 Million People Will Be On Food Stamps: How to get better Public Assistance

If you want to know how bad the "Great Recession" was and still is to a certain extent, its officially over. But we haven't fully recovered from it, Middle Class people as of 2008 are now living in poverty. Collecting things like long term Unemployment Insurance, Medicaid, perhaps seeking early Retirement Income from Social Security. Food Assistance, some of these people have gone back to work but are making maybe half of what they use to or not even that. Which is why its even more critical that when it comes to our Safety Net. That we use it in a way to get people off of Public Assistance as soon as possible. For one so they no longer need because they can support themselves but also to make our Safety Net more affordable. Meaning that we don't have people collecting from it indefinitely like with Welfare Insurance pre 1996. That are designed to help people get through whatever crisis in their lives they are going through. Like losing their home or job etc, spouse dies leaves them with no money or not enough money. And you do this through Job Placement helping these people get back to work by helping them find a job. And if they are on Welfare Insurance, they probably don't have the skills to get a good job. So we have to help them get back in school and with Job Training. So they can get themselves the skills that they need in order to get a job, get off of Public Assistance and become Self Sufficient.

What we need is basically a National System of Food Banks where each State would have their own Chapter and System. Not run by the Federal Government but by our Non Profit Community Service Sector. And target these Banks in all of the poorest areas in the country, with the areas having the most poor areas. Getting the most Food Banks with the most food and these Food Banks could be financed through. Tax Free Donations where people would get a Tax Credit for the amount of food they donate. Perhaps even a Tax Credit for volunteering at a Food Bank. Get our Food Assistance Program off of the Federal Budget as well, give that to the States. Let each State set up their own Food Assistance System, that again would be run by the Non Profit Community Service Sector. Food Banks to provide grocery's for Low Income people, people on Public Assistance or the Working Poor. Food Assistance to help them finance their grocery's, at Food Banks and other Grocery Stores. Food Assistance could be paid for by a Sales Tax on grocery's. After we move abolish the Federal Income Tax and hopefully move to a what I call a Progressive Income Tax.

But at the same time while we are helping people who are collecting Public Assistance survive. We are getting them Job Training and Job Placement to help them find good jobs. So they no longer need to collect Public Assistance but so they become Self Sufficient instead. This system would a much better way to fight the "War on Poverty", because this way we can actually move people out of poverty. And actually win the war.