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Thursday, December 22, 2011

"No mercy for American Convicts": An Overview of our Corrections System

As long as you have what's called a "Corrections System", then that should mean something. That if you send people to prison for years and decades at a time. But you know they are one day going to get out because they do their time and don't get additional time. By avoiding committing more felony's in prison. Then we should make the term and system and "Corrections System" actually mean that. Otherwise we no longer have a "Corrections System" but a Prison System or a Human Warehouse System. Where we just send people way to Warehouse them do our best to make sure their Human Needs are met. At Tax Payer expense at the expense of people who work for a living. And have made good decisions with their lives and avoided g
oing to prison. We have now approaching 2M people in the Corrections System in America.

And there are several factors we have so many Prison Inmates, our Education System isn't doing a good enough job preparing our Young People for life as adults. These kids don't get the education they need to survive in life and prosper in a legal way. So they end up hanging out with the "Wrong Crowd", Organize Crime getting into trouble. If you look at our Prison Inmate Population, maybe half of them even graduated High School, very few have even ever been to college. We don't do a very good job of rehabilitating our Prison Inmates or even make the effort in some cases. San Quentin Prison in California is an example of a prison that tries to rehabilitate its inmates and they've had some success. And they ned up in prison with very little if any education and leave prison with the same situation.

What we should be doing is several things, I'm not making the argument for being "Soft on Crime". Or giving Convicted Felons amnesty and slapping them on the hand and hoping they don't do it again. Its called Crime and Punishment and Prison for a reason and Prison Inmates need to know they are in Prison and why they are there. They shouldn't feel like they are getting a Free Vacation or going to Summer Camp for free either.

But having said all that it needs to be a Productive Experience for, the Tax Payers who are putting up the bills. And deserve to have some security in their lives, the Prison Staff to make their jobs a little less dangerous. But also for the Prison Inmates so they know why they are there and get themselves the skills that they need. To avoid coming back to prison in the future, by putting an end to their Criminal Careers. And having the skills that they need to get a good job and live a Productive Life legally in the Free World. Something like 2/3 of all of our Prison Inmates end up back in Prison. About the same percentage end up being released from Prison while they are still living. We can do much better with our Corrections System.