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Liberal Democracy
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Monday, December 5, 2011

"Is There a Case for Private Property?": Damn Good Case

To answer the question are Property Rights important, you should first think of what a country or World would look like without Property Rights. That would mean the State owns everything, I mean think about it without Property Rights, the State would control everything. You would live in an apartment or house, probably an apartment. I mean think about life in the Soviet Union, where the State would own the place you live at, your basically just a renter. The State owns the Apartment Building so they could come in at will, sorta how Corrections Officers. Can enter Inmates Cells at will, the State wouldn't need Search Warrants because they own the property. The car or truck you drive, if your lucky enough to have one, would be own by the State. You couldn't run your own business, because the State would own that and the only new business's that would pop up. Would be new business's set up by the State, even if your more qualified to run a business then the State. No such thing as Private Property means no such thing as Individual Liberty, because the State would own everything. No such thing as Political Liberty, because again the State would own the Political Parties. And you could only vote for Political Candidates approved by the State.

Thats why Property Rights are so important, you can't have a Liberal Democracy without them. The ability of people to control how they move and where, where they live, how they get around. Who they work for if anyone or do they run and own their own business. Without Property Rights, the State can come in and take things from us at will. Forget about the Constitution once the State has all the power, because once they have all the power. They no longer need a Constitution, because who's going to stop them. The only way Authoritarian Governments have been stopped in the past. And replaced by Constitutional Democracy's, has been through Violent and Non Violent Political Revolutions. By the people stepping up to the plate and deciding that they aren't going to take it anymore. Which is what happened in Poland in the late 1980s, not because the State decides. You what we've been holding our people down for too long and now its time for us to loosen our grip. Liberal Democracy's are built around Individual Liberty, Limited Government and Constitutional Law, as well as Rule of Law. And without Property Rights, those things mean nothing, because the State is left with all of the power.

With the whole Arab Spring thats going on right now or what's left of it. We'll know what the agenda of the Muslim Brotherhood looks like very soon. If Property Rights isn't part of their agenda, then this whole notion of Democratic Revolution over there. In a region thats not familiar with democracy, other then Turkey and Israel. Means nothing because they would just be replacing one dictatorship with another. Because the State would be left with all of the power.