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Thursday, December 15, 2011

House Minority Whip Newt Gingrich: Laying Out the Contract with America: March 22, 1994

If you look at Newt Gingrich's Political Style back in the early and mid 90s when he was the House Minority Whip under Bob Michael. Who was House Minority Leader then and then when Newt became Speaker of the House in 1995. Its very similar to his Political Style today, these are the issues and problems as he sees them. And this is what he would do to address them, if you look at the Contract with America that the House GOP Leadership put together under Gingrich's Leadership. Whether you agree with that agenda or the policy's in it or not, it was a very Positive Agenda. Because it was about ideas these are their solutions to the problems that the country faces. Which is similar to the Gingrich Campaign for President today which is about ideas. And why Newt is doing so well in the Republican Primary's today, leading Iowa and with a competitive shot at New Hampshire. I still believe the 1994 Congressional Republican Campaign which was really two Campaigns, if you look at it. House and Senate Republicans, I'm sure Bob Michael and Newt worked with Bob Dole in the Senate. Was a brilliant Campaign, now of course they got a lot of help from President Clinton and Congressional Democrats. With some political mistakes they made with Healthcare Reform.

Some policy's that President Clinton and Congressional Democrats pushed and passed as well like with the 1993 Deficit Reduction Act. That had a large Tax Hike in it, as well as the 1994 Crime bill that had Gun Control in it and a Weapons Ban in it. Both laws I support but both hated with the Conservative Movement that woke them up to work for and vote Republican in 1994. Newt Gingrich understood that House Republicans only held 178 seats or so in 1993-94 in the 103rd Congress. And saw that they were Under Represented as a Political Party. That there were 50 Plus Seats in the South and other Rural Areas that House Republicans could pick up and those were the seats they should target. Thats how they picked up all of those seats, they concentrated in areas that used to be dominated by the Democratic Party. That Barry Goldwater proved that Republicans could win in 1964, that Dick Nixon picked up on 1968. That have been moving Conservative Republican ever since that the Republican Party has dominated since the mid 1990s.

What you see now in the Gingrich Campaign is an attempt by him and his Presidential Campaign. Is an attempt to make the whole Presidential Campaign about policy's and ideas. This what the problems are and this is what I would do to fix the problems. And especially with their tight budget, taking their message directly to the people. And so far at least lately in the last month its paying off and a lot of republicans like what they are hearing. The question is how long can Newt Gingrich keep it going.