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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

The Budget and Accounting Transparency Act: Where's the Boldness in the House GOP Budget Reform Plan?

I'm actually disappointed in this new House GOP Budget Reform Plan and I know to be disappointed you have to expect something good that didn't happen. Like getting a new job, buying a house whatever the case is or something awful happens to you. That you weren't expecting like your kid being arrested or someone not able to come to your party or something. I would never vote for any of the House GOP Budget Plans, because it would force a lot of people. Who are unfortunately dependent on these Federal Programs to drop out and go to the Private Sector. Instead of giving them the Freedom of Choice to do that for themselves but I do like the new Line Item Veto Plan. That was proposed by Rep. Paul Ryan and Rep. Chris Van Hollen the Chairman and Ranking Member of the Budget Committee. That I support but thats it from the House GOP. And I like the idea of them trying to force the Federal Government to pay for all of its operations. I just wish they felt the same way during the Bush Administration when they controlled Congress and not just the House. And then they would have come credibility and we probably wouldn't be in the budget mess that we are in today. But thats a different story, I do give them credit for at least being bold with the Ryan Plan, even though I would never vote for it.

But this new plan is not only not a good idea, bringing all of these failing Federal Agency's under the control of the Federal Government. But its not bold either, the US Postal Service is going bankrupt right now. Because instead of being run as an Independent Service, its has to ask Congress when it can go to the bathroom and thats just one example. If you want to win support of the American People be big and think big by going big, while at the same time doing it in an intelligent matter. Don't come out with broad reforms at one point without thinking them through like turning Medicare into a Voucher System. And then the next plan bring more control back to the Federal Government. If you want to give more americans the Freedom of Choice with their own money and in the economy. Great I'll be there with you but don't do it in a way that limits competition, if they want to stay in Medicare. And be heavily dependent on Social Security for their retirement, then they should have that option as well.

This new plan by the House GOP is weak and kinda going back from how they started off back in the Spring and Summer with new bold proposals. Again that apparently didn't spend much time thinking about but at least they put new ideas on the table. This is new plan is not only weak by giving the Federal Government more power. Over the Postal Service and Government Sponsored Enterprises but boring and makes for great Bedtime Reading Material for insomniacs. More of the same that hasn't worked in the past and won't work now.