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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Barney Frank:"If Newt Gingrich is GOP Nominee, Democrats will take back House": Barney has a point

I kinda like and respect Newt Gingrich, not that I would ever vote for him, unless my life depended on it. And even then I would still take at least a moment to think about it. But I like him because he has a big mouth, something I personally know something about and he's honest and very intelligent. Just not the sharpest tool in the shed when it comes to running his own campaigns. For example basically the same day he takes the lead over Mitt Romney in Iowa, New Hampshire and nationally in the Republican Party. He says that we have poor people because they don't work hard, forgetting the fact that without. Low Income workers, we wouldn't have much of an economy because we need people to do these Low Skilled jobs. But a Gingrich/Obama Presidential Election would make for great TV, great speeches. Great National Conventions and great Presidential Debates in the fall. Two men going back and fourth and because Newt Gingrich and Barack Obama would be the debaters. I believe they would be done differently in Town Hall Format, perhaps without even a moderator or a small role for the moderator. But the winner of the Presidential Election unless the economy tanks, we fall back into recession with rising unemployment. I don't believe it would be in doubt, I think the President would win by 7-10 points, carry 35 plus States. And take a bunch of Congressional Seats, in the House and Senate. Democrats take back the House with a small majority, retain the Senate but without enough power in the next Congress to ram their agenda through. Two more years of a United Government but with gridlock and I'll explain why.

For House Democrats to win back the House in 2012, President Obama has to get reelected. One party winning the White House but losing a Chamber in Congress, never happens. They tend to go together, either way with 60 plus House Republican Freshmen up for reelection in 2012, thanks to the Tea Party. They are bound to lose at least some of those seats, especially with House Republicans picking almost all if not all the. Conservative House Districts in America in 2010 , there's just not that much ground to gain for House Republicans right now. And if a republican were to get Elected President in 2012, with 20 plus Democratic Senators up for reelection. Senate Republicans would hold the House and take the Senate with a small majority but probably drop seats in the House. So if your a democrat such as myself, you want the Republican Party to nominate Michelle Bachmann. But that aint going to happen, I would like a Free Trip to Hawaii with all expenses paid for but I'm not expecting that. But as far the Presidential Candidates that have a legitimate chance of winning the Republican Nomination, I want Newt because of his lack of Political Discipline. Flip Flopper would be promising as well but he's slick enough to seem electable to Independent Voters. And there's still a chance but I believe small that the GOP will decide that winning is more important in 2012.

With a Newt/Barack Presidential Election, I just see the Political Ads that would be used against Newt. From changing his positions on the Ryan Budget, where one point he was against it. But now he's for it, Immigration Reform he used to take a stronger position. Now he's in favor of allowing Illegal Immigrants that have made a contribution to America that have families. Stay in the country as long as they register with Immigration. Newt used to be in favor of the Health Insurance Mandate before it became law. Newt has a tendency to speak his mind whether is positions are popular or not. Which I believe is admirable in politics but when he sees that those positions are unpopular. Especially in the GOP, he has a tendency to try to get around them and I believe he would provide the Democratic Party with great ammunition. And force Congressional Republicans to either back Newt or run from him, giving the General Elections to democrats.