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Friday, December 23, 2011

Record 46.3 Million People Will Be On Food Stamps: How to get better Public Assistance

If you want to know how bad the "Great Recession" was and still is to a certain extent, its officially over. But we haven't fully recovered from it, Middle Class people as of 2008 are now living in poverty. Collecting things like long term Unemployment Insurance, Medicaid, perhaps seeking early Retirement Income from Social Security. Food Assistance, some of these people have gone back to work but are making maybe half of what they use to or not even that. Which is why its even more critical that when it comes to our Safety Net. That we use it in a way to get people off of Public Assistance as soon as possible. For one so they no longer need because they can support themselves but also to make our Safety Net more affordable. Meaning that we don't have people collecting from it indefinitely like with Welfare Insurance pre 1996. That are designed to help people get through whatever crisis in their lives they are going through. Like losing their home or job etc, spouse dies leaves them with no money or not enough money. And you do this through Job Placement helping these people get back to work by helping them find a job. And if they are on Welfare Insurance, they probably don't have the skills to get a good job. So we have to help them get back in school and with Job Training. So they can get themselves the skills that they need in order to get a job, get off of Public Assistance and become Self Sufficient.

What we need is basically a National System of Food Banks where each State would have their own Chapter and System. Not run by the Federal Government but by our Non Profit Community Service Sector. And target these Banks in all of the poorest areas in the country, with the areas having the most poor areas. Getting the most Food Banks with the most food and these Food Banks could be financed through. Tax Free Donations where people would get a Tax Credit for the amount of food they donate. Perhaps even a Tax Credit for volunteering at a Food Bank. Get our Food Assistance Program off of the Federal Budget as well, give that to the States. Let each State set up their own Food Assistance System, that again would be run by the Non Profit Community Service Sector. Food Banks to provide grocery's for Low Income people, people on Public Assistance or the Working Poor. Food Assistance to help them finance their grocery's, at Food Banks and other Grocery Stores. Food Assistance could be paid for by a Sales Tax on grocery's. After we move abolish the Federal Income Tax and hopefully move to a what I call a Progressive Income Tax.

But at the same time while we are helping people who are collecting Public Assistance survive. We are getting them Job Training and Job Placement to help them find good jobs. So they no longer need to collect Public Assistance but so they become Self Sufficient instead. This system would a much better way to fight the "War on Poverty", because this way we can actually move people out of poverty. And actually win the war.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

"No mercy for American Convicts": An Overview of our Corrections System

As long as you have what's called a "Corrections System", then that should mean something. That if you send people to prison for years and decades at a time. But you know they are one day going to get out because they do their time and don't get additional time. By avoiding committing more felony's in prison. Then we should make the term and system and "Corrections System" actually mean that. Otherwise we no longer have a "Corrections System" but a Prison System or a Human Warehouse System. Where we just send people way to Warehouse them do our best to make sure their Human Needs are met. At Tax Payer expense at the expense of people who work for a living. And have made good decisions with their lives and avoided g
oing to prison. We have now approaching 2M people in the Corrections System in America.

And there are several factors we have so many Prison Inmates, our Education System isn't doing a good enough job preparing our Young People for life as adults. These kids don't get the education they need to survive in life and prosper in a legal way. So they end up hanging out with the "Wrong Crowd", Organize Crime getting into trouble. If you look at our Prison Inmate Population, maybe half of them even graduated High School, very few have even ever been to college. We don't do a very good job of rehabilitating our Prison Inmates or even make the effort in some cases. San Quentin Prison in California is an example of a prison that tries to rehabilitate its inmates and they've had some success. And they ned up in prison with very little if any education and leave prison with the same situation.

What we should be doing is several things, I'm not making the argument for being "Soft on Crime". Or giving Convicted Felons amnesty and slapping them on the hand and hoping they don't do it again. Its called Crime and Punishment and Prison for a reason and Prison Inmates need to know they are in Prison and why they are there. They shouldn't feel like they are getting a Free Vacation or going to Summer Camp for free either.

But having said all that it needs to be a Productive Experience for, the Tax Payers who are putting up the bills. And deserve to have some security in their lives, the Prison Staff to make their jobs a little less dangerous. But also for the Prison Inmates so they know why they are there and get themselves the skills that they need. To avoid coming back to prison in the future, by putting an end to their Criminal Careers. And having the skills that they need to get a good job and live a Productive Life legally in the Free World. Something like 2/3 of all of our Prison Inmates end up back in Prison. About the same percentage end up being released from Prison while they are still living. We can do much better with our Corrections System.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

National Coalition for the Homeless: Helping People Find Homes

Now that we are just four days away from another Christmas and with an improving economy. Christmas will be a lot better for more families in America but we'll still have people. Living on the streets, wondering where their next meal is coming from. Addicted to alcohol and other drugs, having Mental Issues, unemployed. And all going through these things on the street, because they don't have a job and they can't afford a place to live. So if they are lucky they'll be able to stay in a Homeless Shelter for maybe one or two nights. And get enough food to eat while they are there but then going through the same experiences all over again. That they were going through before they went to the shelter. Because they don't have the means to get a good job that will allow them to have a place to live. Whether they rent or own, live with roommates or with family or live by themselves. So as we get closer to Christmas literally just a few days away, we should take a minute at least, to think about are we doing all we can to help people in this situation. And if so great and we should keep up the good work but if not, what exactly can we do more or better to help homeless people. Because a lot of americans right now are a paycheck or losing a job away from being in the same situation as a lot of homeless people. And a lot of homeless people in America are educated, had good jobs but then were laid off. Perhaps got addicted to drugs. Couldn't find another job, lost their home or didn't have money for a hotel and found themselves living on the street. If you want to call that living.

The way to help homeless people is not to put them in a Homeless Shelter for a night or a couple of nights. Give them a cot and a bite to eat and then send them back on the streets. But give them a place to stay, where they can stay not be out on the street the next day. But where they can be while they are getting help getting Healthcare, ID, counseling, Job Training. Help looking for a job, their own housing at like a Housing Center or in a Motel Environment, Motels for Homeless People. During the day getting the help they need to get the skills that they need so they can have a good job and their own home. And all these things can be paid for through the current Public Assistance System, things like Section Eight Housing to cover their stay at a Housing Center or Motel. Medicaid to cover their Healthcare, Welfare, Disability or Unemployment Insurance to cover their income. Food Assistance to cover their other grocery's. As well as giving them jobs at the Housing Center or Motel so they can contribute and having them work as volunteers or employees. Once they graduate from the program.

We need a new approach to how we handle Homelessness in America as well as the broader "War on Poverty" in this country. Thats more about helping the homeless get back to work and into their own homes. Instead of letting stay for a night or two nights and some food and then sending on their way and hope they survive.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Sen. Tom Coburn sits down with The Daily Caller: A Real Fiscal Conservative

If it were to somehow start snowing in hell with a blizzard and everything and Ron Paul were to win the Republican Nomination for President. Meaning Religious and Neoconservatives were basically to get out of the way and allow that to happen. The two main obstacles preventing Rep. Paul from winning the Republican Nomination. Then Sen. Tom Coburn who he and Rep. Paul obviously don't agree on all the Social Issues. But they agree enough especially on Economic and perhaps even Foreign Policy and National Security. For Paul to select Coburn as his Vice Presidential Nominee, I believe Obama-Biden would beat that ticket. The Republican Party would have an excellent ticket that could bring in Independent Voters and even Democratic Voters. Especially Young Democrats to tend to be Liberal to Libertarian such as myself. And doesn't like where the Obama Administration is going with the War on Terror. With the Patriot Act and Indefinite Detention, as well as the War on Drugs and doesn't like where the country is going on Fiscal Policy. And would like to see a ticket take these issues more seriously and not take some of our Individual Liberty away from us. And a Paul-Coburn Ticket would go along way to focusing Independent Voters, as well as liberals, libertarians and Classical Conservatives. Sen. Coburn represents where the Republican Party used to be on Fiscal Policy and truly believing in Fiscal Responsibility.

Sen. Coburn believes that everything needs to be on the table when it comes to Deficit Reduction and looking for ways to reform and look for savings. Ron Paul and Tom Coburn represent exactly what the Republican Establishment is scared to death of. Two Members of Congress that are Anti Establishment and willing to take on everyone. Including people in their own party when they believe they are wrong. Sen. Coburn reminds me of Sen. John McCain from 5, 6 10 years ago. When Sen. McCain was the Head of the "Straight Talk Express" and Sen Coburn has taken that to the next level. Especially on Deficit Reduction where he says everything should be on the table. Including Defense Spending, Entitlements and even Tax Hikes on High Earners. He doesn't want to raise taxes on anyone but is willing to do that to get our National Debt and Deficit under control. And I don't agree with him on everything but he has a lot of ideas that are worth considering. And had the Republican Party had more Tom Coburn's in Congress back during the Bush Administration. They would have a lot of credibility when it comes to Deficit Reduction today.

I'm a Liberal Democrat so clearly there are some areas where I disagree with Ron Paul and Tom Coburn. But some of the Senate Republicans I respect the most and respect several of them. Even though we don't agree very often, are some of their Junior Senators. Like Sen. Coburn, Sen. Rand Paul the son of Rep. Ron Paul, Sen. Mike Lee and Sen. Ron Johnson. And again if the Republican Party had more Members of Congress like this back during the Bush Administration. They would have a lot more credibility on Deficit Reduction because these Senators wouldn't of voted against the Borrow and Spending of those Republican Congress's and the Bush Administration.

Monday, December 19, 2011

Invest Liguru: Milton Friedman's Free to Choose- How to Stay Free

Source: Invest Liguru-
Source: Invest Liguru: Milton Friedman's Free To Choose 1980- How To Stay Free

If you look at the lobbying industry in America and why it’s so large and why they’ve become so powerful and have dominated Washington politics, preventing both good and bad things from happening and becoming law, it’s because as the famous bank robber Billy The Kid once said to why he robs banks, he said, “because that’s where the money is.” Why do lobbyists lobby Washington, because that’s where the power is. We now have a Federal budget of 3.7T$ and now have a public service of eight-million workers including Congress and their staffs. So of course they are going to lobby the Federal Government so much to represent their interests, because that’s where the power is.

If you look at the Washington skyline, especially downtown Washington, you’ll see a big beautiful city with lots of big beautiful buildings that take up a lot of space. Most of those buildings paid for by Federal tax revenue and most of those buildings are Federal property. To house the thousands of Federal agency’s we have and thousands of Federal workers who work there. Do we need Federal campaign and lobbying reform, of course we do. But campaign finance and lobbying reform in America is not a silver bullet to fix the corruption in our Federal Government.

But as long as the Federal Government is as big and powerful as it is, lobbying will always be an issue in the Federal Government. Members of Congress will always be looking for the easiest way to get reelected and the fastest way to move up in the House and Senate and be planning their post Congressional careers. Well the few members who actually leave Congress will be doing that. The others will concentrate on the easiest way to get reelected, move up in Leadership, perhaps land a sweet Cabinet position or look to run for President themselves. Progressives, especially make the arguments that our Federal Government is small compared with Europe. As far as what their federal government’s spend on GDP compared with ours. And that they don’t have the same campaign, lobbying and corruptions issues that we do.

Well, today’s Progressives are correct in a sense, but most of those countries compared with the United States are fairly small. If Europe were to unify then they would match up pretty well with us in population and with their economy. Also Europe’s freedom of speech protections, are not as liberal as ours. And some of the things that American lobbyists do in Washington would be illegal there. European company’s and organizations that do business in America, lobby Washington like when it comes to mergers, trade, taxes and those sort of things. The Federal Government now spends 25% of U.S .GDP. Up from 18-19% in 2000. If we got back down to 18, 19 or even 20% of GDP, we could eliminate a lot of the corruption in Washington, because the Federal Government wouldn’t have as much power and control. And lobbyists would have to spread out and go to over places, if we simply decentralized the Federal Government. And passed more power down to the state and local government’s and even the private sector.

Friday, December 16, 2011

The 1992 General Election; And how it affected the Republican Party

When the Republican Party both lost the White House and the Democratic Party kept sizable majorities in Congress in 1992. Giving them a United Federal Government, it gave the Republican Party an opportunity to make a transition. From being a Political Party thats Power Base in Washington was centered around them controlling the White House. At least since 1987 when Senate Democrats took control of the Senate and really its where all of their power was centered when they had any. The democrats held Congress from 1955-81 before Senate Republicans took over the Senate. Because in that period there was always a Democratic Congress, which meant the GOP had to have the White House to have any power. And they went twelve years as being both an Opposition and Minority Party at the same time. From 1961-69 with Kennedy-Johnson and a Democratic Congress. And again from 1977-81 as an Opposition Minority Party under President Carter and a Democratic Congress. So when Ronald Reagan became President in 1981 and took the Senate with them that brought Republicans back in power with a lot of power. With the Presidency and the Senate controlling the agenda in the Senate including on Executive Appointments. With a Democratic House having to confront a Republican Senate and White House. And the Republican Party held this power from 1981-87 before they lost the Senate. So from 1987-93 the Republican Party had to have the White House to have any power as far as controlling the agenda. So 1992 changed the Power Structure of the Federal Government sending the GOP back into the Opposition Minority and a chance for them to recover.

What the Republican Party did from late 1992 to 1995 was figure out how they were going to confront. The Clinton Administration and Democratic Congress, where House Democrats had a large majority. And where they could work with President Clinton and the Democratic Congress. And they had some success especially politically, President Clinton got a lot passed through the 103rd Congress. People tend to forget that or not be aware of that. Like the 1993 Deficit Reduction Act, Foreign Trade with NAFTA and GAT, Family Medical Leave, the 1994 Crime bill. But Democrats also paid a heavy price for some of this legislation like with the DRA that had a large Tax Increase on High Earners, the Crime bill that had Gun Control. And they also failed to get some Legislation passed that Senate Republicans led by Minority Leader Bob Dole were able to block. Like Healthcare Reform that President Clinton wasn't able to bring the country with him on. And some of the Legislation they did pass had Bi Partisan support like with Family Medical Leave and Foreign Trade. When your an Opposition Minority Party, you have to be united when you try to block Legislation. And of course you also need enough seats to obstruct especially in the Senate. Which is what Senate Republicans had with 44 seats.

Newt Gingrich once said that had President Bush gotten reelected in 1992, that Congressional Republicans especially in the House. Wouldn't of won control of Congress in 1994. And Newt is probably right because generally the Ruling Party loses seats in Congress in the Mid Term Election which is what 1994 was. And House Republicans had something 178 seats and Senate Republicans had 44 seats. So unless President Bush was very popular in 1993-93, Congressional Republicans probably would've dropped seats like they did in 1990. So in 1993-94 Congressional Republicans worked with Democrats where they could, obstructed in other areas. And saw Congressional Democrats pass some unpopular Legislation and then made their move. And they played their hand brilliantly winning control of Congress in 1994.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

House Minority Whip Newt Gingrich: Laying Out the Contract with America: March 22, 1994

If you look at Newt Gingrich's Political Style back in the early and mid 90s when he was the House Minority Whip under Bob Michael. Who was House Minority Leader then and then when Newt became Speaker of the House in 1995. Its very similar to his Political Style today, these are the issues and problems as he sees them. And this is what he would do to address them, if you look at the Contract with America that the House GOP Leadership put together under Gingrich's Leadership. Whether you agree with that agenda or the policy's in it or not, it was a very Positive Agenda. Because it was about ideas these are their solutions to the problems that the country faces. Which is similar to the Gingrich Campaign for President today which is about ideas. And why Newt is doing so well in the Republican Primary's today, leading Iowa and with a competitive shot at New Hampshire. I still believe the 1994 Congressional Republican Campaign which was really two Campaigns, if you look at it. House and Senate Republicans, I'm sure Bob Michael and Newt worked with Bob Dole in the Senate. Was a brilliant Campaign, now of course they got a lot of help from President Clinton and Congressional Democrats. With some political mistakes they made with Healthcare Reform.

Some policy's that President Clinton and Congressional Democrats pushed and passed as well like with the 1993 Deficit Reduction Act. That had a large Tax Hike in it, as well as the 1994 Crime bill that had Gun Control in it and a Weapons Ban in it. Both laws I support but both hated with the Conservative Movement that woke them up to work for and vote Republican in 1994. Newt Gingrich understood that House Republicans only held 178 seats or so in 1993-94 in the 103rd Congress. And saw that they were Under Represented as a Political Party. That there were 50 Plus Seats in the South and other Rural Areas that House Republicans could pick up and those were the seats they should target. Thats how they picked up all of those seats, they concentrated in areas that used to be dominated by the Democratic Party. That Barry Goldwater proved that Republicans could win in 1964, that Dick Nixon picked up on 1968. That have been moving Conservative Republican ever since that the Republican Party has dominated since the mid 1990s.

What you see now in the Gingrich Campaign is an attempt by him and his Presidential Campaign. Is an attempt to make the whole Presidential Campaign about policy's and ideas. This what the problems are and this is what I would do to fix the problems. And especially with their tight budget, taking their message directly to the people. And so far at least lately in the last month its paying off and a lot of republicans like what they are hearing. The question is how long can Newt Gingrich keep it going.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Rep. Shelia Jackson Lee: "Occupy 'Pushing Fairness, Justice, Equality: The Impact of OWS

What Occupy Wall Street has done has stepped up and put on the table what a Consensus of Americans now believe. That Corporate Executives making money by abusing others, running their company's into the ground. And the walking away with huge bonus's after laying off a lot of their workers. They have spoken out for a lot of americans that are out of work because of the "Great Recession" and the collapse of Wall Street in 2008. Where over three years later no one has been prosecuted for as well. Where OWS is not speaking for the country and quite frankly just speaking for their faction in the country. And not even speaking for an entire party, at least not a major Political Party. Is what to do instead how do we get out of the "Great Recession" and get the country moving again. They are speaking for a faction in the Democratic Party the Progressive Caucus in the House. But they only have fifty or so seats, they are not even a majority of the Democratic Party thats in the minority. President Obama the last week or so has spoken to the movement in the last week or so. But doesn't back their agenda at least as a whole or even many parts of it. So OWS contribution has been to waken up a lot of americans at the abuses of Wall Street and that America needs to move forward. But the country is not behind a lot of the Policy Positions that OWS or the Progressive Caucus have taken. Which has left OWS basically without a party and only some space in the Democratic Party. But they don't have enough members to pass their agenda.

America does not want to see the Federal Government that already has a budget of 3.7T$ to raise another 1T$. When we already have a National Debt and Deficit of 15T and 1.8T$ respectfully. To spend on new Federal Programs, they want to see americans put back to work in the Private Sector. Sure see funding to prevent layoffs in educators, Law Enforcement, Firefighters and other people. But Government Workers aren't the only people that have been laid off. And at least not yet anyway, that could change if the Progressive Caucus ever got their way. Aren't the only jobs in the economy, the Construction, Auto and Manufacturing Industries have all suffered as a result of the "Great Recession" which is why President Obama proposed to Congress the American Jobs Act in September. To encourage more Consumer Spending in the Private Sector to generate more Economic Growth. To lead to more Private Sector Job Growth. And the last month or so we are starting to see some of that with an Unemployment Rate now down to 8.6$. After a Jobs Report of 150K that were created in November, Government Jobs were lost. So more funding for Public Sector Workers at the State and Local Governments would make sense. But that can't be an entire Economic Policy.

President Carter always had a great ability as President to analyze what a problem and situation exactly for what it was. He's easily one of the most intelligent Presidents we've ever had to go along with Bill Clinton, Dick Nixon and others. But what President Carter wasn't very good at, was figuring where to go from there. What are the solutions to the problem and then bring the country behind him. Only Energy and the Middle East Peace Process, did he seem to have an idea of how to bring different sides together. And thats where I put OWS, they've laid out the problems but don't have a consensus to put their agenda through.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Firing Line: William F. Buckley- The Role of Government in The Economy

This is the perfect debate to be having today in 2011 going into 2012 when we have a fragile economy with another general election coming up. As it was a perfect debate to have in 1992, when the economy was struggling to get through a recession. What should government's role in the economy be. You talk to Conservatives or Libertarians they would tell you not much. That government especially the Federal Government, already plays too much of a role in the economy. With all the taxes it collects, money it spends and regulations it imposes.

So-called Progressives on the opposite end of the political spectrum, will tell you the reason why we have a weak economy, is because the Federal Government doesn't tax and spend enough. Or impose enough regulations that if it just did more of these things and we became more like Europe with the Federal Government doing more to create economic and gob growth. By spending money and building things, creating new Federal programs that hire people to build things. More government works projects. Like a Public Works Administration or a Job Core and other Federal programs.

That the Federal Government should play a much larger role in economic and job growth and put people back to work. Liberals such as myself want to see a combination of things, but nothing that restricts individual liberty. Like new taxes or restrictive regulations, but with things like tax cuts to encourage consumer spending. To drive up new consumer demand, infrastructure investment to put more people to work and expanding foreign trade.

This debate has been going on for at least thirty years actually back to the 1930s or longer during the New Deal. What should The role of government especially in the economy and what should the role of the Federal Government be as well. Should it be doing less or more, do we tax and spend too much or not enough. Do we regulate too much or not enough basically. How should we reform the Federal Government or not. Or should be cut back the Federal Government and pass more power down to the states and private sector.

I believe the best way to make the Federal Government better and more efficient, is by reforming it. Figuring out what exactly it should do by what's laid out for it in the U.S. Constitution. And what should it be doing based on the U.S. Constitution and what it can only do. And what it does better than state government's and the private sector and then go from there. And to me that gets to defend, protect, represent and regulate. Cut back in the areas of the Federal Government shouldn't be doing at all that any government shouldn't be doing.

And give more authority to the states and private sector in the services where there's a clear need. But could be run better than the Federal Government. Slash and burn doesn't take care of the problems it just passes them on. This is a debate that's been going on forever and will never be solved probably unless some type of consensus or compromise is reached. And is a debate that's important and that we should have especially in election years to figure as a country which direction we should be going in.

Monday, December 12, 2011

House to Vote on Middle Class Tax Relief & Job Creation Act: What the House GOP Cave

Looks like the House GOP Leadership took a trip up to Atlantic City over the weekend and put some money down. On what it would look like if they allowed the Payroll Tax Cut Expire without an Extension. Lost badly and concluded they don't want to make that gamble for the 2012 General Elections. And look like Tax Hikers especially with 60 Plus House Freshmen up for reelection in 2012. As well as being the party thats suppose to be about Fiscal Conservatism. They made the right decision whether it was about politics or and even decided to do their impression of Santa Clause. By offering to Extend Unemployment Insurance, I haven't read the bill myself and lets see what kind of votes it gets tomorrow. And whether the Tea Party Caucus votes against the bill and kills and do any democrats vote for it. Senate Democrats having been trying to pass a similar bill but keep getting blocked by the Senate GOP Leadership. If the House passes the bill maybe that will loosen the grip that Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell has on his Conference. And Senate Democrats will finally be able to pass their bill. Its one thing to try to play gridlock to make the other party look bad but its another thing to play gridlock. When you have seats up for reelection especially in the neighborhood of over 60. I believe 63 to be exact 1/4 of the House Republican Conference.

Thanks to the Tea Party 63 House Republican Freshmen up for reelection in 2012. And the last thing you want to do when you have Tax Cuts at risk in weak economy, is to allow for a Middle Class Tax Hike. Especially when you've gone out of your way to argue that Tax Hikes on High Earners would hurt the economy. And risking allowing for a Tax Hike on the Middle Class when they can't afford it and then get blamed for it. Which is what I believe this is about. Congress has to pass an Extension of the Payroll Tax Cut and I would even make it permanent and add employers to that. Because its a Regressive Tax on the Middle Class and hits Small Business hard as well. As well as an extension of Unemployment Insurance so people who are struggling to find another job right now. Would at least have that as they are looking for work and I would even add to that. Allowing these people to go back to school as well as work Part Time jobs to keep their skills in check. While they are looking for a Full Time job, something that Obama Administration already supports, as well as Newt Gingrich.

We look like we are about on a verge to getting this economy going and break out of the "Great Recession" completely. With the November Jobs Report with the falling Unemployment Rate and thanks to the Holiday Season and other things. We'll probably have a decent Fourth Quarter Economic Growth Report as well. So the last thing we should be doing is to allow for a Tax Hike. Or cut people completely off from any income, just because they can't find work.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

The Budget and Accounting Transparency Act: Where's the Boldness in the House GOP Budget Reform Plan?

I'm actually disappointed in this new House GOP Budget Reform Plan and I know to be disappointed you have to expect something good that didn't happen. Like getting a new job, buying a house whatever the case is or something awful happens to you. That you weren't expecting like your kid being arrested or someone not able to come to your party or something. I would never vote for any of the House GOP Budget Plans, because it would force a lot of people. Who are unfortunately dependent on these Federal Programs to drop out and go to the Private Sector. Instead of giving them the Freedom of Choice to do that for themselves but I do like the new Line Item Veto Plan. That was proposed by Rep. Paul Ryan and Rep. Chris Van Hollen the Chairman and Ranking Member of the Budget Committee. That I support but thats it from the House GOP. And I like the idea of them trying to force the Federal Government to pay for all of its operations. I just wish they felt the same way during the Bush Administration when they controlled Congress and not just the House. And then they would have come credibility and we probably wouldn't be in the budget mess that we are in today. But thats a different story, I do give them credit for at least being bold with the Ryan Plan, even though I would never vote for it.

But this new plan is not only not a good idea, bringing all of these failing Federal Agency's under the control of the Federal Government. But its not bold either, the US Postal Service is going bankrupt right now. Because instead of being run as an Independent Service, its has to ask Congress when it can go to the bathroom and thats just one example. If you want to win support of the American People be big and think big by going big, while at the same time doing it in an intelligent matter. Don't come out with broad reforms at one point without thinking them through like turning Medicare into a Voucher System. And then the next plan bring more control back to the Federal Government. If you want to give more americans the Freedom of Choice with their own money and in the economy. Great I'll be there with you but don't do it in a way that limits competition, if they want to stay in Medicare. And be heavily dependent on Social Security for their retirement, then they should have that option as well.

This new plan by the House GOP is weak and kinda going back from how they started off back in the Spring and Summer with new bold proposals. Again that apparently didn't spend much time thinking about but at least they put new ideas on the table. This is new plan is not only weak by giving the Federal Government more power. Over the Postal Service and Government Sponsored Enterprises but boring and makes for great Bedtime Reading Material for insomniacs. More of the same that hasn't worked in the past and won't work now.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

David Horowitz:"Creepy Marxist Take-Over of the Democrat Party": The Far Left of the Democratic Party

Far Right Commentator David Horowitz is right about one thing about the Democratic Party. And how the Far Left Faction of the party came into being in the Democratic Party in the late 1960s. Over the Vietnam War, George McGovern as Leader of the Party when he won the Nomination for President in 1972. Reformed the party allowing more people to be active in the party, he wanted it to be a true Democratic Party. That wouldn't just appeal to Anglo and Jewish Voters but that could also appeal to African, Latin, Asian and other Americans as it does today. To the point that the Republican Party has to dominate or when a heavy percentage of the Caucasian Vote. In order to win National Elections in America, because Racial and Ethnic Minorities. Overwhelmingly vote democratic because the DP thanks to Sen. McGovern and others helped bring all of these new voters in to the party. Which is one reason why Jimmy Carter was elected President in 1976, Bill Clinton in 1992 and reelected in 1996. Both Electoral Landslides and Barack Obama in 2008 another Electoral Landslide and how Senate Democrats held the senate until 1981. Won it back in 1986, won it back again in 2001 and 2006 held the House until 1995 and won it back in 2006. Because with the Civil Rights Laws and the Great Society in the 1960s, Lyndon Johnson and others like George McGovern, understood that would cost the DP. The South and millions of voters, so they had to appeal to other voters, who didn't vote democratic before or didn't even bother to vote at all. Because of discrimination and other reasons.

The McGovern Reforms at the 1972 Democratic Convention brought in new millions of voters to the DP. Not fast enough to save the McGovern Campaign for President in 1972. Where the Senator only won 37% of the Popular Vote and lost 49 States including his own. But by 1974 because of these reforms and Watergate, House Democrats picked up something like 25 seats. And Senate Democrats picked up five seats both adding to their majorities. And in 1976 Congressional Democrats held their majorities and of course Jimmy Carter was elected President with huge majorities in Congress. Forcing the Republican Party to reform itself in the late 1970s. But these reforms are positive, the Democratic Party can speak and appeal to all Ethnic and Racial Groups in the country. And can even still win in the South but they've also paid a price for it. The Democratic Party basically went from being a Liberal Democratic Party, especially after Southern Democrats became Republicans. To a Liberal Democratic Party with a Progressive Socialist Faction in it, the Progressive Caucus. That politically is more inline with the Progressive Party or Democratic Socialist or Green Party then Democratic Party. But they stay democrats to have a voice in a major party instead of being part of a Third Party.

The Progressive Caucus thats now part of the Democratic Party instead of being part of one of these Third Progressive Parties. Is not big enough to run the Democratic Party. Liberal Democrats still run that party, just look at most of the Leadership except for House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi. But they are big enough that if they don't vote with the Leadership, because Legislation isn't "Progressive Enough". They can kill Democratic Legislation on their own or when their voters don't bother to vote at all. They can cost the Democratic Party elections which is what happened in 2010.

Monday, December 5, 2011

"Is There a Case for Private Property?": Damn Good Case

To answer the question are Property Rights important, you should first think of what a country or World would look like without Property Rights. That would mean the State owns everything, I mean think about it without Property Rights, the State would control everything. You would live in an apartment or house, probably an apartment. I mean think about life in the Soviet Union, where the State would own the place you live at, your basically just a renter. The State owns the Apartment Building so they could come in at will, sorta how Corrections Officers. Can enter Inmates Cells at will, the State wouldn't need Search Warrants because they own the property. The car or truck you drive, if your lucky enough to have one, would be own by the State. You couldn't run your own business, because the State would own that and the only new business's that would pop up. Would be new business's set up by the State, even if your more qualified to run a business then the State. No such thing as Private Property means no such thing as Individual Liberty, because the State would own everything. No such thing as Political Liberty, because again the State would own the Political Parties. And you could only vote for Political Candidates approved by the State.

Thats why Property Rights are so important, you can't have a Liberal Democracy without them. The ability of people to control how they move and where, where they live, how they get around. Who they work for if anyone or do they run and own their own business. Without Property Rights, the State can come in and take things from us at will. Forget about the Constitution once the State has all the power, because once they have all the power. They no longer need a Constitution, because who's going to stop them. The only way Authoritarian Governments have been stopped in the past. And replaced by Constitutional Democracy's, has been through Violent and Non Violent Political Revolutions. By the people stepping up to the plate and deciding that they aren't going to take it anymore. Which is what happened in Poland in the late 1980s, not because the State decides. You what we've been holding our people down for too long and now its time for us to loosen our grip. Liberal Democracy's are built around Individual Liberty, Limited Government and Constitutional Law, as well as Rule of Law. And without Property Rights, those things mean nothing, because the State is left with all of the power.

With the whole Arab Spring thats going on right now or what's left of it. We'll know what the agenda of the Muslim Brotherhood looks like very soon. If Property Rights isn't part of their agenda, then this whole notion of Democratic Revolution over there. In a region thats not familiar with democracy, other then Turkey and Israel. Means nothing because they would just be replacing one dictatorship with another. Because the State would be left with all of the power.

Friday, December 2, 2011

Sen. Harkin: "No Christmas for Congress without an Unemployment Insurance Extension": Playing Hardball

I believe I've figured out where the House Republicans are taking their Holiday Vacation. They are all headed for Las Vegas and doing some gambling together and are practicing their gaming skills in Washington first. The Party of no New Taxes, is going to gamble on looking like Tax Hikers on the Middle Class. By putting an Extension of the Payroll Tax Cut at risk, 1000$ Tax Hike for someone making 50K$ a year. Because they believe its too expensive, that the Federal Government can't afford it. Even though they've been arguing for thirty years or more, that its not governments money to begin with. I agree with them its the peoples money that they take to fund government, so why are they going to take more money from us. Have they been reading Carl Marx and have gotten socialism in their blood now. They've also been making the case that Tax Cuts pay for themselves. That we don't need to cut government to fund them, so why are they saying we now have to make more Budget Cuts. To pay for an Extension of the Payroll Tax Cut which is of course a Tax Cut, Payroll Tax Cut being a pretty big clue there. The other gamble that House Republicans are making is looking like they care more about people. Who are millionaires then they do people who can't find a job right now. And are risking letting the Extension of Unemployment Insurance expire as well. Which is one reason why I believe the Federal Government shouldn't be running Unemployment Insurance. And let the States and Non Profit Community Services run it instead. So neither party in Congress would be able to mess with it.

The other gamble the the House GOP Leadership is making and they are getting plenty of help. From their allies in the Senate, even though the Senate GOP Leadership has played more of an obstructionist role. Because they are still in the minority, is now that they are seeing signs of improvement in the economy. Lets not do anything that can pass Congress and get signed by the President that will help the economy. Lets block what we don't like in the Senate and not take it up in the House and instead pass what we want. Knowing that Senate Leader Reid will block it, so we can at least say we are for something. They believe their Path back to Absolute Power, White House, House and Senate, is for the economy to be as weak as possible. To get as many republicans elected in 2012 as possible, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell said as much. When Barack Obama became President that his number one goal was to see that President Obama is a one term President. And he would use whatever power he has in his office to see that happen. So the GOP Strategy is pretty clear right now, make Washington look as incompetent as possible. Believing that the voters will take their anger out on the Democratic Party because there's a Democratic President. To elect as many republicans as possible.

The Republican Party is making a very risky gamble right now, they are not a lock on winning the White House back. Especially since they are headed for very divisive Primary Campaigns in the Winter. They are not a lock at retaining control of the House next year, with 60 plus Freshmen Republicans up for reelection. Thanks to the Tea Party and they are not even a lock to take control of the Senate as well. Senate Democratic Fundraising is up and they are beating the Senate GOP right now, Democratic Incumbents are going to be well funded in 2012. And President Obama will probably help them with that even more, especially with an improving economy. Which means his own Approval Rating will go up as well, risky bet by the GOP and lets see how long they keep it.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Barney Frank:"If Newt Gingrich is GOP Nominee, Democrats will take back House": Barney has a point

I kinda like and respect Newt Gingrich, not that I would ever vote for him, unless my life depended on it. And even then I would still take at least a moment to think about it. But I like him because he has a big mouth, something I personally know something about and he's honest and very intelligent. Just not the sharpest tool in the shed when it comes to running his own campaigns. For example basically the same day he takes the lead over Mitt Romney in Iowa, New Hampshire and nationally in the Republican Party. He says that we have poor people because they don't work hard, forgetting the fact that without. Low Income workers, we wouldn't have much of an economy because we need people to do these Low Skilled jobs. But a Gingrich/Obama Presidential Election would make for great TV, great speeches. Great National Conventions and great Presidential Debates in the fall. Two men going back and fourth and because Newt Gingrich and Barack Obama would be the debaters. I believe they would be done differently in Town Hall Format, perhaps without even a moderator or a small role for the moderator. But the winner of the Presidential Election unless the economy tanks, we fall back into recession with rising unemployment. I don't believe it would be in doubt, I think the President would win by 7-10 points, carry 35 plus States. And take a bunch of Congressional Seats, in the House and Senate. Democrats take back the House with a small majority, retain the Senate but without enough power in the next Congress to ram their agenda through. Two more years of a United Government but with gridlock and I'll explain why.

For House Democrats to win back the House in 2012, President Obama has to get reelected. One party winning the White House but losing a Chamber in Congress, never happens. They tend to go together, either way with 60 plus House Republican Freshmen up for reelection in 2012, thanks to the Tea Party. They are bound to lose at least some of those seats, especially with House Republicans picking almost all if not all the. Conservative House Districts in America in 2010 , there's just not that much ground to gain for House Republicans right now. And if a republican were to get Elected President in 2012, with 20 plus Democratic Senators up for reelection. Senate Republicans would hold the House and take the Senate with a small majority but probably drop seats in the House. So if your a democrat such as myself, you want the Republican Party to nominate Michelle Bachmann. But that aint going to happen, I would like a Free Trip to Hawaii with all expenses paid for but I'm not expecting that. But as far the Presidential Candidates that have a legitimate chance of winning the Republican Nomination, I want Newt because of his lack of Political Discipline. Flip Flopper would be promising as well but he's slick enough to seem electable to Independent Voters. And there's still a chance but I believe small that the GOP will decide that winning is more important in 2012.

With a Newt/Barack Presidential Election, I just see the Political Ads that would be used against Newt. From changing his positions on the Ryan Budget, where one point he was against it. But now he's for it, Immigration Reform he used to take a stronger position. Now he's in favor of allowing Illegal Immigrants that have made a contribution to America that have families. Stay in the country as long as they register with Immigration. Newt used to be in favor of the Health Insurance Mandate before it became law. Newt has a tendency to speak his mind whether is positions are popular or not. Which I believe is admirable in politics but when he sees that those positions are unpopular. Especially in the GOP, he has a tendency to try to get around them and I believe he would provide the Democratic Party with great ammunition. And force Congressional Republicans to either back Newt or run from him, giving the General Elections to democrats.