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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Senate Democrats Propose Amendment to US Constitution on Campaign Finance: Thats what they need to do what they want

Ever since the Buckley V Valejo 1976 US Supreme Court decision relating Campaign Finance to Political Speech. And as many times as Congress has attempted to pass Campaign Finance Reform. And regulate Campaign Finance, the way to accomplish and as far as I'm concern there has always been only one way. And the Citizens United decision of 2010 makes this more clearer, is through a Amendment to the US Constitution. Which of course are almost impossible to pass which is the main reason why so few of them has been passed. Two Thirds Super Majority Vote in both Chambers of Congress. And then sixty seven States and their Legislatures having to pass the Constitutional Amendment. Within seven years of Congress passing the Amendment, the Founding Fathers thought they wrote one hell of a Constitution. And the didn't want the Federal Government messing with it and every time Congress or a State has passed some type of Campaign Finance Reform. Regulating Campaign Finance, the Supreme Court has stripped some aspect out of it. The latest decision in February 2010 calling corporations a person. A group of people, sure thats obvious but one person, you might as well call a building a person or car of person. Because there are people who go inside of them.

Here are some of the problems with the Constitutional Amendment approach to regulating Campaign Finance. And they all relate to why proposing one now is not about passing it now. Or passing Campaign Finance Reform through statue meaning law. One it won't pass in this Congress, you got a Republican House and even with a Democratic Senate. But they have 53 seats 14 short even if they all vote for it, which probably wouldn't happen. They have members who are probably interested passing Campaign Finance Reform. But would prefer to do it by statue and trying to pass something that would hold up to Constitutional Scrutiny. And I believe Senate Leader Harry Reid and his Deputy Dick Durbin and the people who are proposing this Amendment know that. So this Amendment is about politics, the relationship between the Federal Government and Corporate America. And this feeling that Special Interests have too much influence in both parties is real and a reason why Congress is so unpopular right now. And these Senators are trying to capture some of that feeling and use it to say that we hear the people. And we are trying to do something about it but the Special Interests have too much power. So give us more power and we'll fix the problem.

If Congress was serious about passing Campaign Finance Reform, then they would be talking about Full Disclosure. Full Disclosure of Campaign Contributions that candidates and incumbents receive. When they received them, for how much, who they talk and do business with. Their Voting Records, Amendments to Legislation and Legislation that they propose. And then let the people decide for themselves based on all that info. If that person should be elected or reelected or not but what they are doing instead. Is proposing something that they know won't pass.