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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Reps. Paul Ryan & Chris Van Hollen On Advancing Line Item Veto: Good start if done right

Is the Line Item Veto the Silver Bullet to fixing our Debt and Deficit Issues, of course not, even if we were able to eliminate all Congressional Earmarks. Because those Earmarks only, only in Washington would 20B$ be only but compared with a Federal Budget of 3.7T$. 20B$ i
n the larger scheme of things qualifies as only. But what it does is help with our debt and deficit because it could eliminate up to 20B$ a year in Wasteful Spending. And thats just in the Federal Budget alone, Congress Appropriates all the time out in Emergency. They'll Appropriate under in Emergency just because they don't feel like paying for things. And what a Line Item Veto would do is empower the President, whoever the President is. To eliminate things from Spending bills that are wasteful and have nothing to do with the Spending bill that its attached to. A Line Item Veto is not good enough, we also need Earmark Reform as well, getting rid of Earmarks that have nothing to do with the bills that are attached to. As well as Earmark Disclosure, meaning a Member of Congress that authors an Earmark, their name would be on the Earmark. That they are offering and where the Earmark is going and what its for. Along with forcing all Earmarks to come under the PAGO Policy including in Emergency bills. Meaning that all Earmarks would have to be paid for, these things alone could save the Federal Government and Tax Payers 20B$ a year. I don't think we can ever eliminate Earmarks as much as I would like to, because Members of Congress use them to get reelected. And when Candidates for Congress run, they'll tell voters if you vote for me, I'll get you the Earmark you need for your business or whatever the reason is.

Hopefully as Rep. Paul Ryan and Rep. Chris Van Hollen, Rep. Van Hollen from Maryland by the way. My US Rep. in the House who I respect a lot and have voted for all five times he's run for the House. Has said about talking to be the people that won the last case in the US Supreme Court. Where the last Line Item Veto case was thrown out back in 1998, after Congress had pass a Line Item Veto that President Clinton signed into law in 1995 or 96. Hopefully they have talked to the lawyers that won that case and even gotten their approval about their bill. So they don't pass something in the House that the Senate passes, that President Obama has already said he was in favor of. But then gets thrown out by the Supreme Court 2-3 years from now. And we are back in the same position then as we are today looking for ways to eliminate Wasteful Spending. Which is the best way to cut a debt and deficit, cut spending or eliminate things you shouldn't be spending money on in the first place. Instead of cutting back on things that you should be spending a good deal of money on. Or increasing taxes on people that can't afford to pay them.

Glad to see Rep. Ryan and Rep. Van Hollen Chairman and Ranking Member of the Budget Committee. Hopefully their roles will be reversed in the next Congress, which is a different debate. Actually working together on something because they've already proven that they are great at taking the opposite position. So to see them actually work together, shows that the Hope for Bi Partisanship in Congress isn't dead yet.