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Liberal Democracy
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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Property Rights: "The Forgotten Spark of the Arab Spring": Why they Matter in a Liberal Democracy

Property Rights are essential in a Democracy especially in a Liberal Democracy, its one way people can limit the Power of Government. Because they have property and they can limit what government can do to them. In America Government has to have permission under law and the US Constitution to enter or take property from individuals. Without Property Rights the State would essentially own everything, even the Communist Republic of Cuba. Has recognized the need for Property Rights in a functioning society. Now Egypt, Libya may decide and I'm guessing they will that Liberal Democracy is not for them. That they want government especially the Central Government to play a large role in peoples lives. Maybe they'll decide that they want Democracy but a different form of Democracy. Perhaps they'll choose to have a Socialist Democracy which is common in Europe. But even Socialist Democracy's have Property Rights at least to a certain extent and even have a Private Sector. Its just that their Federal Governments play a much larger role in the peoples lives then they do in America. That their Federal Governments play a large role in providing Healthcare, Health Insurance, Education, Pension, Unemployment Insurance etc. But that the people can decide where they work, run and own business's. Control their money and own their property, homes, cars, business's etc. I believe this would be a great way for Egypt and Libya to go, if they don't choose Liberal Democracy. And would be a much better course for them then choosing Theocracy or another Military Dictatorship.

Without Property Rights and I believe Egypt and Libya would be smart to put Property Rights into their Constitutions. Egypt and Libya I believe will have a very difficult time moving away from Authoritarian Rule. They'll basically be replacing one Authoritarian Government for another one. Where the Central Government basically runs the entire country, where Provincial and Local Governments. Don't have much of a role in Egypt and the State controls everything and decide who can run for office. Because without Property Rights and a Constitution to protect them, the State can pretty much do whatever they want to with peoples property. There isn't a check to stop and prevent the State from stripping ones property. Unlike with Property Rights and a responsible government that respects and enforces the Constitution. Its that Constitution thats preventing the State from invading peoples property and stripping them from it. Without Just Cause because they have the Constitution and Court System as well as the people that they have to answer to. This is why Property Rights are so important it serves as a Check on the State against Abusive Power. Its that old saying that "Power Corrupts and Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely". Which is so true and why Property Rights in any Civil Society are so important.

Whatever type of Democratic System that Egypt and Libya select, assuming they go in that direction. And its not a given they will at least not yet, Property Rights needs to be part of their new Constitution. To serve as a Check against the State to hold off Abusive Power from the State. To hold the State in Check and then the State comes into regulate how people interact with each other. To protect Innocent People from the Abusive Power of others. But that the State doesn't try to protect people from themselves or their government from the people. In order to stay in power.