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Friday, November 18, 2011

"GOP Highlights American Energy Production & Infrastructure": We can do both to create jobs

Yesterday the House Republican Leadership introduced their first serious jobs bill in this Congress. Introducing an Energy and Infrastructure Investment plan that has Bi Partisan support in the House. That would open more parts of the country to Energy Production including Oil Production. And use the revenue thats collected from that through leases to pay for Infrastructure Investment. So we would be able to put more people to work in the Oil and Gas Industry as well as Construction Workers. In the Construction Industry. Now I would expand this plan to include other Energy Sectors, Natural Gas, Electricity, Nuclear Power, Solar, Wind put everything on the table. Not pick winners and losers and use the Lease Revenue from these Energy Sectors. To pay for Infrastructure Investment in the short term but also create a National Infrastructure Bank to fund our Infrastructure Investment. For the long term which would also help our Manufacturing Industry in the short and long term as well. Because of the equipment that it would take to do all of this work. But this plan that the House GOP Leadership introduced Thursday, is a good first step. And something that should be considered by the Democratic Senate and White House. And at least House Republicans are finally taking the need for Infrastructure Investment in America seriously and even proposing their own plan. Perhaps they are hearing this from their constituents and perhaps even Construction Company's in their own House Districts. That there's a lot of work to do here and we would like to be hired to do this work.

We've let our Public Infrastructure Investment decay for far too long without investing in it. Roads, bridges, airports, dams, schools, buildings and we've paid a heavy price for it. With these things falling apart and now is the perfect time to be addressing these issues in a way in this economy economy with a high Unemployment Rate. Putting unemployed Construction and Energy Workers back to work as well as hiring additional workers in these fields. And expanding these industry's and finally bringing our Unemployment Rate down by jump starting Economic Growth and creating new demand in the economy. Building and repairing roads, bridges, airports, dams, schools, buildings and everything else that we should be working on. We've also needed our own National Energy Policy for about forty years now to get off of Foreign Oil and Gas. And the only way to do that is by producing our own Natural Energy Resources, which includes Oil and Gas including Natural Gas. But also resources like Nuclear Power, Wind, Solar all things that we can produce a lot of in America. Putting americans back to work and to work in the future. Working High Trained and High Paid jobs that would make our economy strong in the future. And put us on path to compete with our competitors in the future.

All this talk about Deficit Reduction Balance Budget Amendment even, I believe is all positive. But those things mean nothing and won't happen, if we don't have a strong economy. With the Economic Growth to produce strong Job Growth to bring down our Unemployment Rate. And to do this we need to create jobs in America by producing things that we can sell and use in America as well as export. Which would also help us bring down our Trade Deficit which is in the trillions of dollars. Which is why Job Creation and making things in America has to be our number one priority right now.