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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Glenn Beck: Ben Franklin & Healthcare Reform: Interesting Editorial

Glen Beck using Ben Franklin to make his case that Healthcare Reform at least at the Federal Level is unconstitutional. By saying that Ben Franklin's vision of Healthcare was to raise Private Money to build hospitals. And apparently thats all it takes to give people more Healthcare in America. And that government at least not the Federal Government has no role in it, is interesting but not accurate. Another thing that Glen Beck uses to make his case is the US Constitution. And says that no where in the US Constitution does it give the Federal Government authority in Healthcare. Not to expand Health Insurance or expand Healthcare by financing through taxes. Community Health Centers and other infrastructure, which were part of the 2010 Affordable Care Act. What Mr Beck doesn't mention is the Commerce Clause and the Welfare Clause. Which clearly gives the Federal Government the authority to regulate Interstate Commerce which Healthcare clearly is. So that means the Federal Government can regulate both hospitals and Health Insurers. The Welfare Clause gives the Federal Government the authority to look after the welfare of its citizens. Which means things like Unemployment Insurance and Medicaid are constitutional, to help people to are out of work. Get by while they are looking for another job, Health Insurance for people who can't afford it who live in poverty. I'm not making these points as someone who''s a believer in Big Government because I'm not. Just to say that just because you disagree with something. Doesn't mean exactly its Unconstitutional, it just might be a bad idea instead.

I don't disagree with aspects of the New Deal and Great Society, because I believe they are Unconstitutional. But I disagree with how they were set up and managed. Unemployment Insurance, Social Security, Welfare Insurance, Medicare, Medicaid, Public Housing. Aren't things that should be done with a one size fits all solution. This is not Cuba or Ireland, we are a huge country of 310M people, the third largest population in the World. As well as the third largest country in the World physically, we also may be the most diverse country in the World as well. The populations in New York, Florida, Colorado, Texas, California etc are all different from each other. And they know better then people thousands of miles away in Washington. How to serve their people when it comes to Social Insurance and they could do a better job of it, with less Red Tape and everything else. A lot of libertarians have called for the elimination of these Social Insurance programs calling them Unconstitutional. I believe they are Constitutional but could be managed a lot better if they were Decentralized. Which is why I would send these programs over to the States in the short term for them to run. By Block Granting them but then long term make them Semi Private Non Profit Self Financed Independent Community Services. With each State having their own Social Insurance System.

The term Constitutional and Unconstitutional gets thrown out a lot to make a case for or against something. Generally against something, when the Federal Courts decided these cases a long tome ago and ruled them Constitutional. Under the Commerce Clause and Welfare Clause, which I believe should end the debate there. Whether people agreed with those decisions or not and if they do disagree with them. Maybe they should try to pass Constitutional Amendments to overturn these decisions. What I'm interested in is what is the best way to run these programs and how to reform them instead.