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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

"Fox is NOT News: The Factual Errors of Roger Ailes FNC": The Role of FNC

Back in the early and mid 1990s a lot of Conservative Americans who've always viewed that there was a "Liberal Bias" in the American Media. Especially with CBS News with Dan Rather, the Washington Post, New York Times, PBS and other News Organizations. And decided that it was time to fight back and Roger Ailes. Who I believed work for both President Nixon and President Reagan, he and Rupert Murdoch another conservative. Who runs News Corp a Media Company that owns the Fox Broadcasting Network, the New York Post a very conservative newspaper, Sky TV and other Media Organizations. Decided it was time that conservatives had their own voice in the American Media, their own News Network. They started by putting together this Sunday News Shows on FOX called Fox News Sunday that was originally hosted by Tony Snowe. A long time Conservative Commentator who died from cancer a few years ago, thats now hosted by Chris Wallace. Who's one of two Straight News Anchors on FOX News, straight in a news sense not sexuality. In case you weren't sure, along with Sheppard Smith. FNS is Fox News version of Meet The Press, or Face Nation or This Week, this show came on the air in 1994 or 1995. And then in the Summer of 1996, Fox News Channel goes on the air, with people like Bill O'Reilly, Sean Hannity and others. To represent the Conservative View Points on the News and Current Affairs. And from time to time even report a little news but with a slant, when there's a big issue. They would look at a story from a conservative perspective but getting commentary from conservatives mainly.

I'll give FNC a lot of credit even as a liberal who calls FNC, RNC the Republican News Channel. Because if you look at their demographics, most of their viewers are republican or live in a very conservative part of the country. But FNC does a decent job of putting their shows on showing it in a more watchable way. They are interesting and not dull, its just that I disagree with most of their commentary. Its not just that they are conservative but they tend to be Neoconservative. And not just that most of their commentators are conservative but so are most of their anchors as well. Megan Kelly, perfect example of that, great to look at but what else does she bring to the table. Her commentary is awful and she sounds like she makes up a lot of the things she says on air. How do I make the President and Democrats look bad today, even though only conservatives and people farther to the right. Watch my show, same thing with Sean Hannity how do I make the other side look bad to draw in as many Conservative Viewers as possible. At least with Bill O'Reilly who I can watch from time to time and even though he's conservative. He's a Conservative Independent and he's not a Neoconservative or a theocrat. And he's also Anti Establishment who goes after both sides unlike the others.

I understand that there's just not a Conservative News Bias, that the Far Left or Progressive Movement has their own bias as well. With MSNBC Prime Time, with Rachel Maddow and Ed Schultz. But their shows are barley watchable and at least FNC brings on the other side from time to time. Whereas with MSNBC the host will spend five minutes doing their commentary and then bring on a guest to back them up. Instead of reporting the story and asking an expert what they think about it, not knowing what they believe going in. FNC and MSnBC aren't really News Organizations, except for their updates. And with their real reporters but are in the business to commentate on news from a Political Slant. They are not 60 Minutes or Nightline or Meet The Press but Political Commentary and should be treated as such.