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Monday, November 21, 2011

Bill Clinton: "Can't Count Newt Gingrich out of the GOP Race": Sounds smart today

Former President Bill Clinton hit the nail on the head a few months ago when he said you can't count out Newt Gingrich yet. And this was just a few months after Speaker Gingrich made his honest but damaging comments about the Paul Ryan Budget. And after Newt's campaign collapsed in the Summer, with key Staff Members quitting. President Clinton worked with Speaker Gingrich in the 1990s, they worked well together after the 1995 Government Shutdown. With Welfare to Work in 1996, the Balance Budget Act in 1997, Medicare and Social Security Reform that same year. They actually worked together in 1993 when Newt was still Minority Whip in the House. Because the President needed House Republican Votes to pass NAFTA and GAT. Two Trade Agreements even though Democrats controlled Congress his first two years. Clinton didn't have enough votes to pass the Trade Deals. They worked together in 1995 before the shutdown to bail out Mexico when it was facing bankruptcy. They cut taxes together in 1997 Capital Gains and Middle Class Tax Cuts for college and Child Care. And the Monica Lewinski Scandal broke in January, 1998 and that pretty much ended that. So Clinton and Newt knew each other pretty well, because they were forced to work together. To get anything done because Clinton was President and Gingrich was Speaker of the House and they actually became friendly. Probably more friendly then Newt was with Bob Dole who was Leader of the Senate, even though they were both Conservative Republicans. And Bill Clinton is a Liberal Democrat.

Bill Clinton knows Newt Gingrich pretty well and Newt represents exactly what the Republican Party is missing right now. In a Presidential Candidate and if it wasn't for Newt's personal weakness's. Which are weakness's in politics unfortunately like speaking off the cuff and saying exactly what your thinking when you first think it. Which is what America Voters tend to say they want in their Public Officials. But Newt's problem is that not everything he has to say is always popular, with the country or the Republican Party. And without these weakness's and if Newt was just a little smoother, that he would bring his debate skills. Which are excellent to his interviews, not only say what he believes and knows but why he believes those things. He's done very well in the debates so far but then when a story about him appears and is mentioned in an interview. He tends to make it worse by not acknowledging obvious things and trying to get around them. Which makes his look worse its the old Nixon Lesson from Watergate. Without these issues that will keep him from becoming President and even the Republican Nominee. Newt Gingrich represents exactly what the Republican Party is looking for in a Presidential Nominee. And those strengths are why he's climbing in the polls.

For a republican to be elected President of the United States and not just be the Presidential Nominee. You have to be able to appeal to the new Tea Party, the Religious Right of course. Economic Conservatives the Mitt Romney's of the World who don't care that much about Social Issues. Neoconservatives who still have some influence on National Security but have lost influence. And then win enough Independent Voters to be elected President. These are the skills that Ron Reagan and George W Bush both had and something that Newt Gingrich has. And without out these little freshmen mistakes that he makes, he's the best Presidential Candidate the GOP has.