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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

"We the People Will Legalize Marijuana, not President Obama!": Why the people may get what they want

Here the reasons why Marijuana will be Decriminalized in America, young people, people in my generation and young support it. Overwhelmingly, now apparently according to the Gallup Poll 50% of americans are in favor of Decriminalizing Marijuana. And not all americans are under fifty, a lot of americans aren't. We have 2.4M people in prison in America or under some form of Public Supervision, the largest Prison Population in the World. On a Per Capita basis, hundreds of thousands of those people are under supervision. Because of Drug Related crimes, are country is essentially broke. With a 14T$ debt in a 14T$ economy and most of our States are broke as well and looking to cut spending everywhere. Including in corrections and States like California are now looking to release Non Violent Offenders. Like Drug Offenders and this is already happening in California as GOV Jerry Brown announced a couple of weeks ago. Americans tend to want to be able to control what they put in their body's and how they live their lives. As that Gallup Poll suggests and of course there's the hypocrisy of our War on Drugs. Where we essentially have three drugs in America that represent about the same amount of Health Risks. Alcohol, tobacco and marijuana but two of them legal, of course alcohol and tobacco. But of course we have Marijuana Prohibition that we've had since 1937 a few years after we lifted Alcohol Prohibition. Our Federal Government has a history of trying protect us from ourselves instead of bad actions people do to others.

Young people are generally liberal to libertarian with their Political Views, I'm 35 and towards the end of Generation X. And I'm a pretty good example of this, this has been our history as a country. As we've moved along we tend to be more liberal and want government to have less control of our lives. Americans are waking up to the stupidity and hypocrisy of our "War on Drugs" a war that we've been fighting for forty years now. Again the 2.4M people in prison with all of these bankrupt governments in the country. They are now looking at whether its good Fiscal Policy, to have so many Non Violent Drug Offenders. In overcrowded prisons that are designed for Violent Offenders that need to be there instead. Again we have all of these bankrupt governments and these governments are looking for more revenue. Budget Cuts and Tax Hikes, instead of cutting corrections and Public Education. Why not tax marijuana, a tax those people rather pay, then losing their job or paying more in Income Taxes.

The reasons why we won't Decriminalize Marijuana, gets to politics not policy. Public Officials not wanting to look "Soft on Crime" and "Soft on the War on Drugs". Especially Public Officials who have Conservative Voters, who tell them they want government out of their wallets. But don't mind telling people what they can put into their own body's, apparently Big Government doesn't sound do bad to them.

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