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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

UK PM David Cameron: we will never join the euro: The UK is not the EU

Its actually probably a good thing right now that the United Kingdom is not part of the European Monetary Policy right now. And forget about the politics or National and Ethnic Pride that brits have. The States in the European Union are going through far worst fiscal problems then Britain. For one Britain acted on there's a lot earlier and the Cameron Government has paid a large price for that politically. And the European Union is still trying to decide how to move on their debt and deficit issues and get them under control. Greece is probably in worst shape then anybody and having to deal with the International Monetary Fund or IMF. Had Britain been part of the EMF all along, they would probably be in the same shape as Europe. Because they wouldn't of ever been able to act as quickly. So when Prime Minister David Cameron says that Britain will never be part of the Euro, at least while he's Prime Minster of the United Kingdom. He's dead on and Monetary Policy is just one reason. Britain used to be an Empire the most powerful country in the World. That of course has lost a lot of that power the last two hundred years. While the European Union has gained a lot of power the last sixty years and if they were to ever unify. And become a Nation State would be one of of the top two most powerful countries in the World. After the get their debt and deficits under control.

The United Kingdom still sees itself as a World Power and to a certain extent still is. More influential then Germany, France, Italy. And their other European Neighbors on their own and want to hold on to that power on their own. Besides, the United Kingdom just Mainland Britain. Is made up four peoples with their own lands, England, Scotland, Wales and North Ireland. And at least three of them would like their Independence from the United Kingdom. Similar feeling that americans have before their Revolutionary War that led to the United States being formed. So the last things that the english, scottish, welch and irish want is to go from being part of one Empire. In the United Kingdom to another in the European Union, or United Federation of Europe. Or what ever Europe would call themselves. But the United Kingdom would be a great ally with this new Federal Republic, if Europe ever united. Because they have similar interests and issues they both have to deal with.

As long as the the European Union has the EMU or one day even unifies, the UK will still be the UK a separate country on their own. As they should be, they do very well on their own. And are still a World Power with plenty of influence and are still the United States strongest ally not including Canada.

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