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Saturday, October 22, 2011

"SNP Leader Alex Salmond defiant on Scottish Army": What a Scottish State could look like

When you look at the United Kingdom of Britain you see four Native Peoples living there. The english of course living in England, The scottish living in Scotland, the welch living in Wales and the irish living in North Ireland. These people are spread out and of course Britain is a diverse country both racially and ethnically. But Britain is still about 80% english and around 10% scottish, I believe the scots are the largest Ethnic Minority in Britain though. But even with all of this diversity and the fact that Britain is basically made up of four different Nations. And those States believe they can all govern themselves, Britain has a very Centralized Government. Not even a Federal Government but one Government that governs the whole country. And controls most of the Tax Revenue, one of the reasons why Britain's taxes are so high even compared with the European Union. Because their National Government controls so much of their Tax Revenue, unlike the European States. Where most of them have Federal Governments as well as State or Provincial Government as well as Local Governments. And I believe this is a big reason why Scotland, Wales and North Ireland. Which are all basically Provinces or States inside of Britain. Have all been calling for more autonomy in how they govern themselves.

These States would like to raise their own Tax Revenue. Run their own schools, Law Enforcement, build their own infrastructure, run their own Healthcare etc. The things that most State or Provincial Governments get to do as a State or Province. A lot of things that Canadian Provinces get to do or American States get to do as well. Instead of all the power in Britain being centered in London at Westminster, that Britain goes to a to more of a Federal System. Where England, Scotland, Wales and North Ireland have much more authority to govern themselves. And they all have their own State Governments effectively with an Executive and a Assembly and their own Judicial System. And that the UK Government is there to do what most National Governments do but the States are able to govern themselves as well. With these States still being able to send their Reps and Lords to the US Parliament. And have their representation there and work in partnership to some degree in how the country is governed. Instead of the UK Government trying to govern this big country of 62M people small in land but with a large population. By themselves and doing everything on their own.

If the UK Government would give their States autonomy in how they run their affairs, then I believe there would be less call for Independence for these States. Because they would feel that they would have more of a say in how they govern themselves and more freedom to live their own lives.

Click on the link of the blog to see a video of SNP Leader Alex Salmond on Scottish Independence