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Friday, October 14, 2011

Rep. Jesse Jackson: President Obama should "Declare a National Emergency": This could bring Constitutional Objections

Rep. Jesse Jackson who's not shy when expressing his opinions, he's one of the most vocal Members of Congress we have. As far as expressing exactly what he's feeling, his opinions are always clear. And I'll give him a lot of credit for that, he's one of the most honest Members of Congress that we have. Which might not sound like much, I mean we are talking about Congress here. But its true whether you agree or disagree with Rep. Jackson from Chicago. I generally disagree with him, Rep. Jackson who's with the Progressive Caucus, a bit left of myself. And I'm a Liberal Democrat but what Rep. Jackson is talking about here is having President Obama essentially. Declare a State of Emergency as it relates to the American Economy. That our economy is so bad that so many people are unemployed right now, that the Administration. Can't wait for Congress to get around to solving our economic problems. That President Obama has to step in and solve these problems on his own. And essentially try to solve these problems and implement his American Jobs Act by Executive Order. Executive Orders aren't laws, they can be repealed simply by Congress. The House and Senate coming together to repeal them and with a Divided Congress, thats not likely. Unless the President writes and Executive Order thats clearly Unconstitutional and is very unpopular. The problem that the President would have is essentially implementing new law constitutional or not.

Rep. Jackson has called Congress a "Rebellious Congress" similar to the times of the Civil War. That Congress wants to prevent the President from passing any new agenda. By essentially not doing anything, that the House has blocked the American Jobs Act. By not taking it up and the Senate Republican Leadership. Even though they are the Senate Minority, has blocked the AJA with the Cloture Rule. It takes sixty votes in the Senate to debate or pass anything. So what Rep. Jackson is saying is that President Obama should circumvent Congress. And implement the AJA on his own administratively on his own and bypass Congress. Saying that Congress won't get around to passing the AJA. Or any jobs bill, we have almost no Economic or Job Growth in the Country right now. We have 9.1% Unemployment. And that the President should declare a National Economic Emergency. And deal with these issues on his own with his Administration because no one else is prepared to deal with these issues. This is a very risky advice that could bring Congressional Investigations.

I don't see how the President could do this without bringing a lot of heat to him and causing a lot of political problems for him. That President Obama doesn't need, what the Administration should be doing. Is trying to pass the AJA in several different steps, focusing on Infrastructure Investment in one step. Regulatory Reform in another step, Tax Reform in another step. Congress has already passed three Trade Agreements and then Tax Reform. Thats the best shot that President Obama has at passing a jobs bill.

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