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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Federalist Society: Redistribution of Wealth: How much Redistribution should we have

If you understand the actual definition of Redistribution of Wealth and not the political definition of it. You know that there's always been at least some amount of Wealth Redistribution. And chances are if you live in America, that you believe in at least some form of Wealth Redistribution. If you go by the political definition of Wealth Redistribution, then you got this idea. That its about robbing the rich to give to the poor. But again if you know the actual definition of Wealth Redistribution, you know that it essentially means. To take money from one area to give to another and if done right. You take money from an area that has a large surplus of money to give to an area that doesn't have enough. To use as examples, building schools, Military Bases, roads, bridges etc. Is Wealth Redistribution, because your taking money from New York to build a road or bridge in Alabama or use whatever two States you want to use. Or if people are unemployed and are collecting Unemployment Insurance. Your taking money from people who are currently working, to give that money to people who are unemployed. Or with Social Security and Medicare, your taking money from people who are currently working. To help finance the retirements of people who are retired. These are all forms of Wealth Redistribution and if your against these things, then you would be in a small minority. And even in a small minority in the Republican Party.

The question to me is not whether we have Wealth Redistribution or not, because of course we do and have always had. The questions for me would be, how much of it should we have. And what we should be using it for and since Wealth Redistribution is usually talked about in how it relates to poverty. I'll focus on that in this post and go from there and to start out I'm not in favor of. Taking money from the rich or anyone else, to take care of the poor. But what I am in favor of is using some of this revenue, to help the poor empower themselves. To become Self Sufficient and that gets to Temporary Financial Assistance. Education and Job Placement, things like Welfare to Work or TANF, as well as retraining Low Income workers on the job. So they can move up in their company's and not be stuck working dead in jobs their whole lives. And retraining Unemployed Workers so they can can get jobs in other fields. Especially if they lost a job or in a job in a field thats gone. And is not coming back as a result of Free Trade or Company Relocation. And doing all of these things cost resources and the money has to come from somewhere. And I rather take that money from America then borrow it from Russia or China.

Its not a question of whether we have Wealth Redistribution or not, because of course we do and we've always had. But its a question of how much Wealth Redistribution we should have. And what's the purpose of it and how we can best spend this money. That will do the most good for the country.

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