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Thursday, October 6, 2011

Barbara P Bush: "Cutting Foreign Aid would have 'enormous implications' for US": How Foreign Aid should work

I believe in Foreign Aid if its done right and goes where the money is needed to help the most people as possible. That can't survive without it, people who aren't a threat to America. Especially if they get a chance at life from the start, enough quality food, quality Health Care, quality education etc. And as long as its targeted to the countries that can use this aid to help their people. Developing Countries with responsible Central Governments. Foreign Aid shouldn't be for Developed Countries that can take care of themselves. Or for countries that sponsor terrorism and oppress their people. Iran would and Syria would be excellent examples of that but South Africa. Would be an example of where Foreign Aid can pay off and not only benefit South Africans. But benefit America as well and make sure that we continue as valuable allies. Pro Democracy, Economic Freedom, Minority Rights, Anti Authoritarian Power, Partners in the War on Terror etc. As well as Trade Partners with two countries where the economy's are growing and developing. And where this Economic Development benefits both nations.

This is an example of where Foreign Aid can only benefit the giver but the receiver as well. Bad Foreign Aid would be Foreign Aid that goes to countries and then they either sponsor terrorism. Or harbor terrorists in their countries, where those terrorists are threats to America. Pakistan would be a good example of that and its time America reexamines its relationship with Pakistan as well. Or where the Foreign Aid goes to corrupt governments and those people pocket the money. Or give that money to terrorists, Africa would be a good example of that as well. Foreign Aide should be about helping Developing Countries, develop, Central America, South America, Africa wherever. Helping them develop their security so they can defend themselves. From terrorism or other countries, Columbia would be an excellent example of this. But also their economy's. Debt Relief, helping them sustain their Federal Budgets so their governments can meet the needs of the country.

Columbia is an excellent example of this but also helping them develop their Public Infrastructure. Roads, bridges, airports, dams, schools, hospitals. Public Education, Health Care System, Safety Net etc, so they can develop their economy's. That can benefit most of their nation but also we can have a Trading Partner. With a country that can afford to purchase our products and have another partner in the War on Terror. Again Columbia is an excellent example of this.

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