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Monday, September 26, 2011

Women get the vote in Saudi Arabia: Its about time!

This is a big step forward for the Saudi Kingdom thats basically a combination of a Monarchy and a Theocracy. The Kingdom made up of their Ruling Family and their laws based on Islamic Law. Or an interpretation of it, with women not allowed to be in public uncovered. They until their next elections not able to vote. And not even able to drive and of course sub servant to the men in Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabia have a very sexist government and culture at least by Western Standards. But these New reforms by King Abdullah is a big step forward in Saudi Arabia and definitely Progressive Change. Especially for a country. And a region up until recently has been very slow to progress but they are now are going through a big revolution. And I believe the Democratic Revolutions that have gone on in the Middle East, Iran a few years ago. Thats still hasn't been successful but there's still a Democratic Opposition in Iran and I believe that movement effected what happened in Tunisia. Earlier this year and what happened in Egypt and Libya as well as Yemen. Because all of the countries can get access to the others countries news. Whether the governments allow it or not especially in this Information Age and Social Networking.

These different Arab Democratic Revolutions have played a role in each others country. The Egyptian Revolution that ousted former President Hosni Mubarak. And ousted the President of Tunisia and hopefully the President of Yemen as well. And of course the Democratic Revolution thats going on now in Syria that will hopefully oust President Bashir Assad. But he seems to have an upper hand in holding on to power right now. But the Saudi Kingdom sees what's going on in these other Arab States with these other Authoritarian Regimes falling. And they don't of course want the same thing to happen to them, they obviously want to stay in power indefinitely. But I believe the Saudi Kingdom understands and they are more progressive. Then Syria and Egypt with the development of their economy and are basically a Developed Nation. In the heart of the Third World surrounded by countries that live in poverty like Yemen, Iraq, Jordan, Syria and others. And know that they have to change and progress to stay in power.

Hopefully this is just a sign of things to come as far as progress in Saudi Arabia and that the Kingdom moves even forward. And allows women to run for office, has an elected Multi Party Legislature that represents all of Saudi Arabia. And Independent Judiciary and looks more like a Federal Republic in the future. Instead of a Theocratic Monarchy where women and people who speak out against the government are oppressed. But we'll see in the future.

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