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Thursday, September 15, 2011

US Students Earn Debt-Free College Degree: Way to pay for college

Today as well as moving forward in the American Economy, America has to have an Educated Workforce to work the High Skilled jobs that our country needs. So we have more people in America with good jobs to make our economy and country stronger. And for these jobs to be available to americans to work these good jobs in America. And for that to happen we have to have a good Public Education System that produces the students that can go to good colleges. And the colleges to produce the workers for these jobs, we already have plenty of hood colleges. And Vocational Schools and Community Colleges but we don't have enough students who can afford to go to our colleges. College Affordability or the lack of it is a big problem in America. We have students who have the skills to do very well in good colleges but can't afford to go and stay there. And then we have College Students graduating or just leaving college with a huge debt to start out in life on their own. Or drop out of college because they can no longer afford college or have too much of a debt from being in college. And this is a problem that we don't have to have and don't need as a country. And have the resources to eliminate this problem as a country and put all of our qualified students to college. One way as this Kentucky College is doing and a few other colleges in America are doing. Is literally putting their students to work when they are not in class. And having them work off at least part of their College Debt on campus, instead of paying workers to do that work. Or contracting that work out to company's to do that work. Where these students can work off at least part of their College Debt as well as pick up some need Work Skills on the jobs. And get some Work Experience that they can also put on their resume once they graduate college.

Another way we can help students and their parents pay for their College Experience, is to set up a Higher Ed Financing System. That students, parents, parents employers as well as the students employers would pay into. That each party would pay at least 25% of the costs of these students College Experience. The parents and their employers would pay for this while their kids are still minors by putting money down in a fund. Where the parents could also invest some of this money, in the Stock Market as well as other Private Investments. Like a side business or other property. They just wouldn't be able to spend this revenue, it would be there for their kids College Fund. And then their kids would do the same thing with their employer once they start working and be able to make the same investments. Just not be able to spend the revenue.

America is too rich of a country to put up with well qualified students not being able to get into college or stuck with a mountain of debt. Once they leave college, if we are just smarter and more clever with our resources and invest them properly. We just need to do these things instead of watching the problems get worse.

Click on the link of the blog to see a video of a Kentucky College that puts their students to work