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Friday, September 16, 2011

U.S. Demand for Drugs Fuels Cartels: Why does America have a War on Drugs

If you look at the reasons why America still has a War on Drugs and why narcotics are still a problem in America forty years. After President Nixon officially launched the War on Drugs in America. I believe its pretty simple and two reasons, the way we fight the War on Drugs. And how ineffectively we've been at it as well as Mexico and the large demand in America as Mexico. Two huge countries, two of the largest countries in the World physically and in population. The combine population of both America and Mexico is roughly 430M people. And your also talking about two of the largest economy's in the World, America still being the largest economy. And these two economy's put together total 16T$ with 430M people. And of course America and Mexico share a two thousand mile border with each other. Easily one of the largest borders in the World, so their are a lot of resources and demand on both sides of the border. To buy heroin, cocaine and meth and marijuana, marijuana I and a lot of people would argue. Not being very dangerous compared with the other three, for example it can't kill you right away. And again I and a lot of other people would argue that marijuana is as dangerous or as helpful as alcohol and tobacco and should be treated as such. But I'll explain more about that later as well but to get back to my first point.

These two huge countries that are trying to forcefully eliminate narcotics. Are actually feeding the problem and keeping Narcotics Dealers and Growers in business. By locking up Drug Addicts and treating them the same Drug Dealers and locking these addicts up who have a Medical Condition. In prison where they get no help for their problems and get more drugs while in prison. And if anything get back on the streets with a bigger addiction. And Mexico has the same issues but they also have a lot of corruption in their Federal Government especially in the Law Enforcement. And this corruption is a problem not only for Mexico to deal with its Drug War, where their officers get paid off by Narcotics Dealers and gangsters.

The good news is the answers to reforming the War on Drugs are fairly simple. First of all you stop fighting a War on Drugs and admit that it was a failure and use those resources. Where we've spent over a trillion dollars to fight and use them for better things. By Decriminalizing Marijuana and regulating it like alcohol and tobacco. And with heroin, cocaine and meth, separate the addicts from the dealers. Treat addicts like the patients that they are and get them in Drug Rehab and Halfway Houses where they would pay for their treatment and stay as well. And treat those dealers like the criminals that they are and put them away in prison.

As I said before part of the problem with the War on Drugs is about demand, if people want something enough and are addicted to it. They'll do whatever they can to get what they want and to hell with the consequences. So if you teach these people that these drugs are horrible for them. There not going to want them and their dealers will have less customers to deal their dope to.

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