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Saturday, September 10, 2011

Scott Rasmussen: Everyone Is Gunning for Rick Perry: The Easiest Target in the Bunch

To call Scott Rassmussen an "Independent Pollster" is like saying Tom Brady doesn't have a good enough arm to be an NFL QB. He's the most trusted pollster for Fox News which clearly aims to the right. But I promise I won't make this blog about Scott Rasmussen who most people who'll read this probably never heard of. The blog is about Rick Perry though and he represents the biggest target as well as opening for the two other contenders. In the Republican Presidential Race, Mitt Romney for sure and I believe John Huntsman if he were to emerge and step up. Because I believe he's more electable in the General Election next year, because he fits in perfectly with the Republican Party. On Economic and Foreign Policy and has clear Liberal Views on Social Issues, which helps him with Independent Voters. That he doesn't run away from unlike GOV Romney. That of course could hurt GOV Huntsman in the Republican Primary's but if the decide beating President Obama is more important in 2012 then fighting the good fight.

This race could come down to Huntsman and Romney, leaving GOV Perry out. With Perry calling Social Security a "Ponzi Scheme", suggesting that Texas may succeed from the Union in 2009. And Perry going out of his way to reach out to Religious Conservatives which could also hurt Perry with Independent Voters. Something else that hurt GOV Perry or help him depending on how he responds to the Texas Wildfires . If he looks like a strong Leader there, that could help him but if he requests a lot of Federal Disaster Relief, that could hurt him with Limited Government conservatives and libertarians. Who don't believe the Federal Government should be involved in Disaster Relief. And of course if GOV Perry's response to the wildfires looks weak and inept, similar to President Bush's response to Hurricane Katreena in 2005. That would also hurt GOV Perry.

What Mitt Romney and John Huntsman should make Monday Night's Tea Party Debate about is Social Security. Where its still very popular with Tea Party members but perhaps not so much with the Tea Party Leadership. And get Rick Perry to respond to that and have him either try to back up what he said about Social Security and the "Ponzi Scheme". Or see if he retracts from it, either one will make him look bad, either like a Flip Flopper like Mitt Romney. Or out of touch and even dangerous like Michelle Bachmann who I believe is now out of serious contention for the GOP Nomination. Especially with her weak performance in the last debate and the emergence of Rick Perry. If Rick Perry falls of out of contention, it will be because of his position on Social Security.

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