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Friday, September 9, 2011

RNC Chairman Reince Priebus on MSNBC: Will the GOP work with the President

Judging by how House Speaker John Boehner and House Leader Cantor have reacted to the President's Job Speech last night, by not calling it DOA. Tells me that they might be ready to work with President Obama on something and what better thing to work together on in a slumping economy. Speaker Boehner and Leader Cantor even seem opened to Infrastructure Spending and a National Infrastructure Bank. As well as the Tax Cuts in the American Jobs Act, which tells me that their members are hearing from their constituents at home. Especially the people who are unemployed or underemployed, the House of Representatives are up for reelection next year. All 435 members and the House Republican Leadership has more seats to defend then democrats. And if 2012 is another Anti Incumbent Election like 2010, then House Republicans have more to lose then House Democrats. The House GOP also has something like eighty Freshmen Representatives and if you look at their fundraising and compare it with House Democrats. They'll have a hard time defending their House Majority.

These Republican Freshmen have a lot to lose and a weak economy as well as an economy that looks like its getting weaker. Does not help them and its just a matter of how much they realize that. As of right now, House Democrats only have to pick up 24 seats to retake the majority. And make current Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi the next Speaker of the House. Which is something no republican anywhere wants to see, so its just a matter if the House GOP recognizes this or not and judging by the way they've reacted to the President Obama's speech so far. There seems to be room for both sides to negotiate, the President and Democratic Senate gets the Tax Cuts and National Infrastructure Bank. Which already has Bi Partisan support, with the two Co Sponsors being a democrat and republican. Sen. John Kerry and Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchinson the Ranking Member on the Commerce Committee. And House Republicans get Regulation Reduction and a Deficit Neutral Jobs Act.

Senate Leader Harry Reid should be pushing the bill that the President wrote as far as he can to get a bill at the end that looks as close to it as possible. Even if the Senate GOP Leadership try's to block it, which I believe Minority Leader McConnell will until he gets some things in it that he and his conference want. Or as long as they feel they can get away with obstructing, because it is in the interest of the Senate GOP to do nothing on the economy right now. Because they are in the minority and Senate Democrats have a lot more seats to defend.

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