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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Republican Presidential Debate: Michelle Bachmann Dropping from Contention

I thought it was interesting Republican Presidential Debate as Republican Presidential Debates go, I'm a Liberal Democrat. So this wouldn't be normally the first thing on my list to watch. I watched mainly to see how Mitt Romney would deal with Rick Perry, would he be able to knock down some of GOV Perry's momentum which I believe he did. But didn't do anything to knock Perry out of the race or take his place. But I do believe that GOV Romney did have the line of the night. When he said that Texas has a lot of advantages going for them economically. That they already had before Rick Perry became GOV of Texas, which I believe will take some of the positive momentum. Out of GOV Perry's Economic Record if he has any and also Romney pointed out that George W Bush had a better Economic Record as GOV of Texas then GOV Perry. But I don't believe GOV Perry made any mistakes that will knock him out of contention at least yet. But his comments on Social Security, calling it a mistake and a "Ponzi Scheme. Will hurt him in Republican Primary's where GOP Voters who are different from the GOP Leadership. Where Social Security is still very popular with GOP Voters especially the people who benefit from it. Rick Perry actually positioned himself past President Reagan on Social Security and to the right of President Reagan. Who along with Congress and the Social Security Commission in 1983, saved Social Security by reforming it. Which is just more evidence that Ron Reagan couldn't get elected in todays Republican Party. But thats a different blog that I've actually already wrote. Again I'm a Liberal Democrat and the person I like most on that stage last night, is John Huntsman. Who's my wild card pick to win the GOP Presidential Nomination and I believe he had an opportunity to make this a three way race last night but came up short and didn't step up.

The reason why I believe this is a two way race now and not a three way race, is because Rep. Michelle Bachmann has dropped out of contention. Not on purpose obviously but most of the support that she was getting, has now gone to Rick Perry. If you look at the polls and it looks like Rep. Bachmann has peaked, which is good for the GOP. They've finally realized that she's not electable in the General Election and a Bachmann/Obama Presidential Election in 2012. Would be a devil that you don't know against the devil you know. With democrats and independents overwhelmingly voting for the President. I believe Michelle Bachmann is looking scary with GOP Voters and unelectable. And Independent Voters would make the same conclusion and a similar decision would be made about Rick Perry in the next few months. And Rep. Bachmann did nothing last night to get back in contention. Which is why this is a great opportunity for John Huntsman who fits in perfectly with the Republican Party on Economic and Foreign Policy. But is liberal on Social Issues and wouldn't scare Independent Voters and if the GOP wants to win the Presidential Election in 2012. They need to take a long look at John Huntsman as well as Gary Johnson and Buddy Roemer but perhaps thats a different blog.

This is a two candidate race for the Republican Nomination for President right now, with an opportunity for John Huntsman to grab the third spot or even 2nd or 1st spot. If he steps up. And convinces GOP Voters that he has the best chance of beating the President in 2012. But he has to step up and look different from the rest of the candidates.

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