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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

More of the Same Failed Policies: Now the Senate GOP Take on the AJA

I'll give the Senate GOP Leadership credit , this is a very entertaining and clever video, high on entertainment but short on facts. So short that's it hard to see their facts even if your a midget with Xray Vision. The American Jobs Act is different from the 2009 American Recovery Act because its mostly about Infrastructure Projects as well as Tax Cuts. To encourage Consumer Spending, whereas the 800B$ plus Recovery Act was almost everything but Infrastructure Projects, about 5% or 45B$. The Recovery Act had almost everything you can imagine, Financial Aide to States so they wouldn't have to lay Public Workers off. Food Stamps, a Make Work Pay Tax Credit worth about 500$ a year. About 200B$ in Tax Cuts and 600B$ in new Government Spending all borrowed and put on the National Debt Card of course. The American Jobs Act is mostly about Infrastructure Projects, creating a National Infrastructure Banks that would be Self Financed. By getting investors in the Private Sector and investing in the Infrastructure Projects. That this NIB would prioritize and then hire private Construction Company's to do the work. And they would be able to hire all of these unemployed Construction Workers to do this work. Workers who are currently collecting Unemployed Insurance.

An NIB should've been in the Recovery Act and a lot of these Infrastructure Projects two years later would already be up in running. But that was then and this is now but we can create something like this now and get these projects worked on and repaired in the next few years. As well as reforming Unemployment Insurance in a way that would retrain Unemployed Workers by paying for them to go to Community College. To get additional skills and education to get another job in another field. As well as paying for their employment that they do while still on Unemployment Insurance. So they can keep their skills in shape. The AJA not perfect but its much different and I would argue a hell of a lot better then to do nothing. If the House GOP Leadership doesn't like the AJA, even though they've already expressed some interest in parts of the plan. Then they should put their own plan on the table thats more then just about Deficit Reduction.

What the House GOP Leadership is talking about by having an Economic Policy based only on Deficit Reduction. Because without a strong economy, we'll never be able to pay down our debt and deficit. Without gutting defense and entitlements and perhaps steep Tax Hikes all of these things being bad for the economy. Some Congressional Republicans have talked about cutting what they would call overbearing regulations in the economy. Thats something President Obama has already expressed interest in. As well as expanding our exports with three Trade Deals, Central America, Columbia and Korea. The President has also expressed interest in that as well, just hasn't sent the deals to Congress yet.

Click on the link of the blog to see the Senate GOP on the American Jobs Act.